Tuesday, December 12, 2023

Our Dear-There-Where Cancer, Hear our Lull-Lull-Lullaby

Clumsily and haltingly I work to write in tablet and/or type out all variables in play in what I call in my head this bogus, horrific, sinfully hinky war. I'm not close

I'm a hot mess, watch this, I once attended this church and performed all the rituals and I experienced that tribal scream once upon as a delivered upon follower, people can vouch, and I never will again, shitlords' priests beat it out of me for profit

That scream, lordy. Knowing any church is always bogus doesn't mean I still don't want a church but does mean I suspect the worse of any church anyone belongs to (though some more than others and I'm working to fix that) almost as much as I thoroughly distrust any church I ever belonged to or would ever daydream of joining

This genocide has goals beyond the eradication of Palestinians and Israeli conquest of the West Bank, this is a failing empire's global fuck you not only to its rising foreign competitors but especially to its internal critics and is first and foremost seeding the groundwork for sooner than you think authoritarian discipline and punishment against any and all dissent in the coming global resource and shitlord wars. This war is about Israel and Palestine only to Israelis and Zionists and Palestinians; for American/Western shitlord hegemonists this war an exercise and experiment in the coming police state and promise to all external and internal protest that they will destroy the world before they'd relinquish power

"To be more specific, it is commonplace for Israeli leaders to refer to Palestinians as “human animals, ”human beasts,” and “horrible inhuman animals.”[11] And as Israeli President Isaac Herzog makes clear, those leaders are referring to all Palestinians, not just Hamas: In his words, “It is an entire nation out there that is responsible.”[12] Unsurprisingly, as the New York Times reports, it is part of normal Israeli discourse to call for Gaza to be “flattened,” “erased,” or “destroyed.”[13] One retired IDF general, who proclaimed that “Gaza will become a place where no human being can exist,” also makes the case that “severe epidemics in the south of the Gaza Strip will bring victory closer.”[14] Going even further, a minister in the Israeli government suggested dropping a nuclear weapon on Gaza.[15] These statements are not being made by isolated extremists, but by senior members of Israel’s government"
They actively seek ways to tell you eat shit and die
Vital Reminder: Malcolm X on Liberals
Today in US War Crimes: 11 Dec 1981 a Reagan-backed death squad massacred around 1,000 people in El Mozote, El Salvador. Prior to being killed, many of the victims were tortured and girls as young as ten were raped by the US-trained troops
Israel Supporters Would Defend Literally Any Israeli Atrocity
They actively seek ways to tell you eat shit and die
"Bernie Sanders has just come out and said he still opposes a permanent ceasefire because Hamas are pure evil terrorists who have to be destroyed. AIPAC praised him for it. Here's Norman Finkelstein destroying him for his genocidal depravity"
Progressive hero is vile Zionist scum and always has been
The Schizotocracy, or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love The New Normal Reich
They actively seek ways to tell you eat shit and die
A representative of the state held a show trial that lead to the forced resignation of a private citizen over first amendment protected speech
America’s undoingGenocide scrolling
This is who we are as Americans
They actively seek ways to tell you eat shit and die
"Fuck you, we don’t actually care what you think, it’s either this or Trump, eat the plate of shit, hippies"
Israel is losing this warZOMBIE ZIONISM
Israel apologists are motherfucking psychopaths
Don't Make Your Voters Step Over Dead Bodies
"If this article was published in a US campus paper, the university president would be forced to resign, while Democratic leaders denounced the students and called for censorship"
Linguistic ethnic cleansingThe far right is philosemitic only when it serves their purposes
One of the many purposes behind the Gazan genocide is to harden people to the coming culling of anyone and everyone our shitlords deem a drain on profits
ACAB, Canadian edition:"Calgary Police harass and arrest an unhoused community member on Sunday, December 10th, while questioning their winter scarf (not a keffiyeh) and if they're involved in any of the protests for Palestine"
Z******s are emmeffing sadistic sociopaths
Eight Wall Street Mega Banks Have Teamed Up to Run Television Ads in a Bogus Scare Campaign
The US is a fascist police state with no privacy
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Global crises and global revolts
The Cosmic Web and the Fate of the Universe
What color do you see?Rogue Wave
{ feuilleton }'s weeklyHeaven & Hell Syllabus
I have been reminded of American Analog Set


Greg Delanty

Ah, our lazy, our listless, our lovely, our lingering
languid turtle; mooching, smooching slow dancer;
dozy, dossing, easygoing footdragger; tinkering,
plod-plodding procrastinator; incipient necromancer;
lackadaisical, lackluster, loafing, lagging lug;
watched pot; fainéant of fainéants; otiose slug;

our break-taking, oscitant artisan slacker; our unfussed,
watching-the-grass-grow dawdler; our most phlegmatic
sloth; maundering, moony-loony manatee; nonplussed,
relaxed, dilatory, shell-slumbering snail; our aesthetic,
asthenic, torpid tortoise; lumbering Laodicean; dillydally-
ing, desultory lol-lol-lollygagger; our shillyshallshally;

our dear-there-where cancer, hear our lull-lull-lullaby.
You can, sir, be kind, be gentle, be easy, no need to rush.
We still got loads, bags, oodles of time. Remember: I die
you die. We’re both here now, why the sudden push?

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  1. 1/i listened to the two posted songs by the american analog set and enjoyed them

    2/i was surprised to find a set of lyrics for using the hope diamond as a doorstop


    3/my own indolent cancer and i continue to co-exist - white blood cell count going up and up, spleen getting a bit bigger day by day - still not time to start taking poison, i'm told - that's fine, i'm not in a hurry - as the harvard law of behavior might have said, under carefully controlled clinical conditions, mutated b cells do what they damn well please

    4/i've attended various churches in my time - as gary lupyan puts it in the last paragraph of his essay what color do you see?

    And yet, there is a scientific and moral imperative for learning about the diverse forms of our phenomenology. Scientifically, it prevents us from making claims that the majority experience (or the scientist’s experience) is everyone’s experience. Morally, it encourages us to go beyond the ancient advice to ‘know thyself’ which can lead to excessive introspection, and to strive to know others. And to do that requires that we open ourselves up to the possibility that their experiences may be quite different from our own.