Monday, January 29, 2024

as i think of rolling up the dogends

The universe can barely contain the depthless contempt and loathing motherfucking professional Democrats and their zombie shitlibs have for you, you fucking hippie. They despise you more than they hate Trump and his zombie magaturds, they despise you more than Trump and his zombie magaturds hate you

Impressive motherfucking professional Democrat 2024 campaign strategy, demanding an FBI investigation of a major party constituency. Do not underestimate how much FUCK YOU, SHUT THE FUCK UP YOU DIRTY FUCKING HIPPIE OR ELSE is a major motivating factor in Genocide Joe's every single fucking policy decision. They would rather Fat Hitler (who has NOT overseen and funded a genocide but will in the future) rule than admit you are right about anyfuckingthing ever. The nicest thing that could be said about them is they are just following shitlord directions, but temper that with the knowledge that they love (and are well-compensated for) despising you, it's (besides the well-compensated part) their favorite part of their job

Today in my self-interest: Screed above shat out to get it out of my system, notebook-wise, a temporary but welcome fix
O, and to remind you - also to get it out of my system - we are being prepped for a major Mideast war that will likely spread into a world war, please please please, please don't start until after our long vacation in Maine this summer (and may we be on Mount Desert Island when Russian and/or Iranian and/or Chinese nuclear warheads incineration DC and our house four miles north of DC, today in my complicity
Happiest days of their lives and the cherry on-top the Fuck You!
Arab Americans Won’t Be Shamed into Voting for Biden
Has International Law Survived, or Has the Western Political Class Killed It?
War on the Middle East: the Time of Monsters
"Biden-Dems 2024 running as the party of war, genocide, record oil&gas production, and now an immigrant-repression program that’s to the right of Trump in his first term"
"Joe Biden is figuring out exactly how racist and xenophobic to be to win over zero Trump voters who think he’s a kid sacrificing pervert and alienate a couple million of his own ostensible voters. The perfect Democrat fuck up"
"I hope the Gaza genocide makes this clear: do we send our cops to Israel for IDF training because the IDF is so fucking good at fighting? No, we send the cops on Israeli vacation (and foot the bill) so they can learn to regard your town as Gaza"
"The Biden Administration's cutting off critical funding to UNRWA is the default form of collective punishment of Clintonian liberals, where the denial of humanitarian aid is used as a weapon to punish (ie., starve) people who have no responsibility for the alleged transgression"
Inside the collapsing U.S. political-media-industrial-complex
The Meme-ification of American Politics
What if it’s not really about democracy?
What happened to David Graeber?
On W.E.B. Du Bois - Marx or Jefferson?
If humans have souls than elephants have souls (though if elephants have souls it doesn't mean humans have souls)
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Robert Wyatt, force of nature, born 79 years ago yesterday


Tom Raworth

as i think of rolling up the dogends
looking for papers i see this terrible thing
thought of as a better life
sometimes i wonder
what is introspection
red white and blue
or through mud and blood
to the green fields beyond
which were the colours on a tie


  1. 1/raworth's title reminds me of lawrence berra's observation:

    In theory, there's no difference between theory and practice; in practice, there is.

    2/and speaking of the theory and practice of hope, b. sidney smith has said about living through these challenging times:

    Hope is not the same as "hopium." Hope is not pretending that things are all right when they are not. Hope is not choosing to believe that something one desires to be true is true in defiance of evidence to the contrary. Hope is not grasping at slender chances. Genuine hope is an attitude both of acceptance and of defiance. Genuine hope assents to such facts as can be known, and allows for every possible outcome, including the worst ones--but hope is defiant in this; it insists on being rooted in the now, the eternal now, with all its ever-present fullness and possibility.

    Another characteristic of real hope is that it allows you to grieve.

    Hope is not easy, which is why it was traditionally included among the virtues. I'm here to tell you that you shouldn't let collapse get you down, and I'm going to share now what I believe are some of the chief reasons why you shouldn't.

    How to Enjoy the End of the World


  2. Thankee. I need to get off my Dog posterior and write something fresh, coming soon

  3. La crisi consiste appunto nel fatto che il vecchio muore e il nuovo non può nascere: in questo interregno si verificano i fenomeni morbosi più svariati.—Antonio Gramsci