Sunday, February 25, 2024

All the World Is Birthday Cake, or: Born Eighty-One Years Ago Today

The best Beatles song is a George song:

The best Traveling Wilburys song is a George song:

My second most listened-to album of my life is a George album:

My favorite song ever is a George song:

I've always I loved George most, people can vouch:


  1. also of note - a performance of 'my back pages' in which george has the honor of the last verse - clapton and neil young get guitar solos

    My Back Pages (Bob Dylan, Roger McGuinn, Tom Petty, Neil Young, Eric Clapton & George Harrison)

  2. Thanks so much, BDR!

  3. So, on the evening of Saturday, November 20, 1976, are you telling me that all our eyeballs were synchronized as we watched George mime "It's twoo, it's twoo!"?... only to de-synchronize until reconvening, a couple of months shy of two years later, to scrutinize Kate in a trench coat miming the rolling of a ball?