Monday, March 25, 2024

Dear Ghost, What Shelter in the Noonday Crowd

I'm stuck, manic, between my least-favorite favorite place and favorite least-favorite place, talking myself into ambitious goals while simultaneously telling myself to gauge responsibly and disengage all fucks, as always I will end up half-assing, I blame crayon and acrylic ink infused clear Elmer's Glue for current eager despair 

and the rediscovery I prefer pencil to pen in Boorum and Pease tablet for yapping and typing in simplenote for versing for current despairing eagerness 

Hey, I've extra copies of both of these, Dying Grass by design, Miss MacIntosh by forgetfulness and publishing delays, I vouch for both but Dying Grass vouch vouch vouch, if you'd like one or the other let me know, you are not obligated to finish but you are obligated to start, I'll take your word for it

Meanwhile, about me: I went back to CVS yesterday to see if the insurance issue with my eyedrops has been resolved, and no, and I politely and without anger thanked the cashier who checked records and gave me the news. Saturday, over a pint with a better than acquaintance but less than a friend my better than acquaintance but less than a friend frothed in full, Hold Your Nose and Vote Against Trump and I politely and without anger didn't mock or fight, the one positive side-effect of my manic needle pointing down: I don't bark. How many fucking years has it been since I posted Unwound, the fuck?

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John Ashbery

Dear ghost, what shelter
in the noonday crowd? I'm going to write
an hour, then read
what someone else has written.

You've no mansion for this to happen in.
But your adventures are like safe houses,
your knowing where to stop an adventure
of another order, like seizing the weather.

We too are embroiled in the scene of happening,
and when we speak the same phrase together:
"We used to have one of those,"
it matters like a shot in the dark.

One of us stays behind.
One of us advances on the bridge
as on a carpet. Life - it's marvelous - 
follows and falls behind.


  1. Good to know you probably never need to take that bridge.

    1. Yeah, I do Harbor Tunnel first, McHenry Tunnel second, only reason to be on that bridge is if you're going to Dundalk or Essex and nothing against Dundalk and Essex but I've no need to go to either

      Drove across it once years ago just to do it, narrow and creepy, or it was

  2. It looked so flimsy, coming down. But I remember thinking that about the World Trade Center towers, too. When some things come down, they leave an afterimage which makes you wonder how they stayed up for so long without having collapsed before.

    Great offering of links: spicy, cheesy, low-carbon and provoking, as ever.

    Meanwhile, "Even in the nihilistic war of all against all imagined in apocalyptic fiction, the masters still need their slaves. “What,” one of Rushkoff’s clients asked, “would stop the guards from eventually choosing their own leader?”. Pharaohs they may be—the richest people in all human history—but capitalists like Zuckerberg will never be able to escape their working-class gravediggers."

  3. one may have seen this before but it is worth rereading William Shatner, actor

    1. his remarks after his trip to the edge of space - he felt grief at how we are treating our planet