Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Lucky for Us They Don't Know What They're Doing, These Puny Anonymous Creatures of Dark and Damp Who Eat Simply to Live, with No More Sense of Mission Than Nature Feels in Providing for Our Survival

Alright, I think I've successfully blogrolled everyone here who is still alive and who was on the blogroll at the old place. If you don't see yourself in the right-hand column under BECAUSE you're in the left-hand column BECAUSE because it makes things easier from a me organizational point-of-view. If you are on the old blogrolls but don't see yourself here, sorry, I goofed, please send me an email (blckdgrd ampersand gmail dot com), or if you are being Kind to me and I'm not reciprocating, or if you want to Hey Sailor me, send an email too.

I realize that moving at this time when I'm getting more hits than ever smacks of self-destructive stupidity, but getting angry at motherfucking typepad was motherfucking unfun and I can find unfun by the motherfucking bucketful without motherfucking typepad's help, and the look here is better and Ba'al bless the updating blogrolls, they're both boon to you bloggers I pimp and a lazy man's dream.

I recognize the inconvenience. Sincere and flattered thanks to friends who've already rewired their bumps here, advance thanks to everyone who will move their bumps and eyes here too. Regular programming resumes soon.


Now would be an excellent time to remind everybody that all Fleabus photos and videos are copyright Planet.


Carl Dennis

Aren't you glad at least that the earthworms   
Under the grass are ignorant, as they eat the earth,   
Of the good they confer on us, that their silence   
Isn't a silent reproof for our bad manners,   
Our never casting earthward a crumb of thanks   
For their keeping the soil from packing so tight   
That no root, however determined, could pierce it?   

Imagine if they suspected how much we owe them,   
How the weight of our debt would crush us   
Even if they enjoyed keeping the grass alive,   
The garden flowers and vegetables, the clover,   
And wanted nothing that we could give them,   
Not even the merest nod of acknowledgment.   
A debt to angels would be easy in comparison,   
Bright, weightless creatures of cloud, who serve   
An even brighter and lighter master.   

Lucky for us they don't know what they're doing,   
These puny anonymous creatures of dark and damp   
Who eat simply to live, with no more sense of mission   
Than nature feels in providing for our survival.   
Better save our gratitude for a friend   
Who gives us more than we can give in return   
And never hints she's waiting for reciprocity.   

"If I had nickel, I'd give it to you,"   
The lover says, who, having nothing available   
In the solid, indicative world, scrapes up   
A coin or two in the world of the subjunctive.   
"A nickel with a hole drilled in the top   
So you can fasten it to your bracelet, a charm   
To protect you against your enemies."   

For his sake, she'd wear it, not for her own,   
So he might believe she's safe as she saunters   
Home across the field at night, the moon above her,   
Below her the loam, compressed by the soles of her loafers,   
And the tunneling earthworms, tireless, silent,   
As they persist, oblivious, in their service.

Another one of dozens of my five favorite songs ever:


  1. Ah dun mooooved yinz chair on mah frunt portch.

  2. Thanks! Better your frunt portch than the Titanic.

  3. Thanks for the Times piece on Carla. I had missed it. Oh, and moved. Hope you're happy here.

  4. Yes, I love that bookstore. I've only gone to a few readings, but I go often for their poetry section and fiction remainder section. Great store. Hassle to park, but great store.

    Thanks for the move. Yes, I have a bigger and better palette. Funny, someone at typepad noticed and the offered me the css help they refused to give me before.

  5. I clicked on the Chris Floyd link earlier, and the site was OK. I clicked on the Chris Floyd link on my blogroll just now, and I get a security warning telling me the site is infected with malware. Just now, clicking back on your link to his site, I get the same security warning.

  6. What? Housewarming party with no cold cut tray? You're the worstest host ever.

    Link thanks, sir, and so far, I've noticed no problems.

  7. z - His site is *always* getting attacked. It's been awhile since they crashed him, but I've seen it happen a bunch of times.

    R - I'm finding the similarities between our jobs and our kid's age both hilariously serendipitous and serendipitously uncanny.

    I do like the avatar-enabling in comments.

  8. zencomix -- the Chris Floyd site main page URL needs to be changed. Click the link for the most recent entry, then once you arrive at Floyd's, click on the "Home" button, and use the URL that you get when it goes back to "Home."

    Floyd has been attacked by malware lots over the past few years, and after one attack his site got moved. The broken URL for the main page takes you to the **old** home page, the one that got abandoned after a fix post-hacking.

  9. Here try this:

    Add this line inside the "head" tag of your HTML: ['less than' sign here-no brackets] base target='_blank' /['greater than' sign here-no brackets]

    If I make all links needs to be opened in new window then home link, navigation links, search everything will opened in new window and it will frustrate user that whatever you click on the link it will open in new window.

  10. Oh yeah. Nice place you got here. Nice that I can remember the address too.

  11. Thanks much. I can't tell you how much (maybe temporarily) this improves blog-morale.