Monday, October 11, 2010

Volitionless, from Different Heights, and in the One Direction

Well, here's yesterday's obamapostasy. Today's Columbus Day, so it might not be until tomorrow Obama scolds me for my shallow fealty and selfishness, my blindness at his obamawesomeness, my traitorously irresponsible threats to not vote this cycle.

Speaking of threats. It's going to happen, but it's still in the exploratory stage, I haven't yet discovered all the ways blooger sucks, but tell me, old bloogers, is there a way to set links so they open in a new window? That's one thing typepad does that, as far as I can tell, blooger doesn't. That's not a deal-breaker, and I love the self-updating blogrolls (and if I move I'll be pinging some of you less because I've been using your self-updating blogrolls as a shortcut) (though the work and aargh of creating those blogrolls, both as a conscientious effort of Kind and as pain-in-the-ass time-wise is both mighty incentive and, subsequently, mighty disincentive). I like I can make photos and youtubes bigger and need break long lines in poems less often. I love that if I can find the poem I'm looking for online (so I don't have to type it) it formats in blooger with none of the grief formatting in typepad causes. I dig the url.

I haven't written about tablets here in a while which by no means means I've stopped writing about tablets. I'm a rube for a new tablet, as if it will make better what I scribble in it. I don't think I've ever gone as long between reformating BLCKDGRD's appearance since I switched to this template three years at least ago. Typepad doesn't allow archiving in an old formats when switching to a new format - if I widened the middle column every Fleabus photo fit for the old format will be too small, line breaks will be fucked. I worry about shit like this. But mostly I'm bored and I have a new tablet.

I'll will cross-post both places for at least a couple of months, but if you're inclined to be Kind, those of you who've blogrolled me, bookmarked me, subscribed to me, I apologize for the inconvenience and thank you in advance for your taking the trouble to move with me.


Carl Phillips

As when a long forgetfulness lifts suddenly, and what
we'd forgotten—as we look at it squarely, then again
refuse to look—is our own
                                            inconsequence, yes, it was
mostly like that, sex as both an act of defacement and—
as if the two were the same thing—votive offering,
insofar as the leaves
                                     also were a kind of offering, or could
at least be said to be, as they kept falling the way leaves
do: volitionless, from different heights, and in the one direction.

Elric moved his stuff out of our basement yesterday and I found three CD racks I hadn't seen the four years and remembered a bunch of bands I hadn't thought of in a while, like this one:


  1. I'm sure I'm the least of your followers, but I absolutely love the blogger version. The width! It is magical! For some reason I find the prose easier to follow with this line width than the old one, too.

    I dig it; then again, this could be another outbreak of my periodic Blckdgrd fanboyism. I am my own unreliable narrator ... but the me of right now loves it.

  2. Thanks Man, I like it a lot too. I knew it was time for a facelift, but I had only a glimmer how much it needed a facewidth more.

  3. You might want to try a larger font for those of us battling presbyopia (a term my optometrist told me means 'fear of Presbyterians'). The RED is arresting. And it is VERY red.

    I actually critiqued the one Peter Carey novel I was able to finish. Left me meh, much the way Oscar Wao did.

    Best, etc.

    P.S. Thinking Saturday night, the 30th. Near Dupont Circle? Convenient for you? Know a place I can reach via Metro from there?

  4. So settling in the new place, eh? Links will be moved shortly. :-)

  5. Thanks for Kind, Larry.

    On two screens I've seen it it's brick towards maroon, which is what I want (and I've friends who've asked me not to cobalt the place - another of three favorite colors, and no one would read this if I schoolbus yellowed it) and one is redder than the other two.

    As for font-size: Presbyterians enjoy pretend self-scourging. Who am I to deny them?

  6. I hope you saw my window opening comment on the other place.

    And for the impatient-about-font types, such as myself, if I hold down CTL and move the scroll wheel away the font/page gets bigger. Towards me, smaller. Invent your own preferred size. (And on my Firefox browser, it remembers.)