Friday, October 29, 2010


If the Friday before the 2006 mid-term election in which he knew his party was going to suffer significant losses George Bush had announced a UPS plane from Yemen had been intercepted and found full of explosives the boy typing this would have hollared MOTHERFUCKING BULLSHIT! and so would you if you were wearing Democratic colors in 2006. Just saying.

Have I ever mentioned I love Guided by Voices?


  1. word. is very convenient timing.

  2. It's cute. Democrats have somehow regained their innocence.

  3. I still remember making the argument to a neighbor, circa 1992 POTUS elections, that it was better to vote for Clinton because he radiated more intelligence than any of the Republicans, and the corollary argument that the Republicans are the "party of the rich" while the Democrats are the "party of the regular guy." At the time I believed it fully -- and in 84 had voted for Reagan.

    It's always evolving, my view on Federal power and its players. I've always been skeptical of the press but used to be as partisan as any present day Obamabot or, before that, as any serious fan of Wm F Buckley Jr.

    It changed when I started working full-time in the corporate world. That's what made the difference for me: seeing how power plays out in American society, rather than simply talking about it or thinking about it without the real workplace experience.

    The skepticism towards the Dems was easier. I'd already seen the Repubs' flaws so I was accustomed to spotting flaws in those I was supposed to respect/admire/support. And being broke and self-employed and seeing how the Dems do nothing more for broke people than the Repubs was an eye opener.

    Long-term economic hardship is an easy place from which to see the truth. But I don't suggest accepting it willingly unless one is monk-like.

  4. That story about bombs makes no fucking sense whatsoever. None. Here's why I don't believe it's too convenient: because IT'S TOO FUCKING STUPID. Who the fuck would go to the trouble of fraudulating such a lameass excuse for a plot? Terrorists are going to blow up my Amazon shipment? WTF?

    I've noticed that terrorists seem to be stupid (Seriously: try to argue that a guy trying to torch his shoes or underpants isn't. Go on, I'll wait). While we could say the same about those we're vaguely considering allegating here...really? Blowing up cargo packages as a fucking terror plot? Even if you blow up a toner-cartridge-sized box of PENT in a UPS truck on Broadway at lunch time?

    While pants-shitting just astonishes me, this is far too weak for me to believe that election desperation caused it. If you're going to imitate the Fear Party, do it to some effect. Not even the Dems' architects of cracker appeasement are that fucking stupid.

    Yeah, you're right. I don't sound as convinced as I want to, do I?

  5. There's a false equivalency if I ever heard one. Bush spent all his time scaring the hell out of folks, putting out and using his rainbow chart, having folks buy duct tape, etc., etc. One data point in the Obama administration (which he didn't exploit -- he handled responsibly) and all you folks are ready to say they are the same?

    I call bullshit. I know y'all get your jollies being cynical and better than all that and the masses to boot, but there is plenty of real stuff to gripe about.

    Or do you really think that Tim Kaine planted that stuff?

  6. You missed the point. I wasn't making a comparison to Bush and Obama, I was making a comparison of how I would have reacted then to how I reacted yesterday.

    But - while I'm not saying I believe this is a pre-election stunt, I'm far more open to the possibility two years into Obama's presidency than I would have been at the beginning of his presidency. Less roobish, more cynical, whatever.

  7. I just hope we invade Yemen so this never happens again.

  8. Well, that was weird. I accidentally clicked on the Comment tab on blogger's dashboard and saw that I had spam. I figured I'd look and see what the bastards were selling, and it turned out it ate the above comment from Landru. If that happens to any of you, send me an email. (I'm happy on blooger than I was at typepad, but blooger is goofy too.)

    For the record: I don't think the Obama administration staged a terrorism bust for political gain because ginning up fear over terrorists doesn't work to Democratic advantage. That wasn't the point of the post.

    On the other hand, what's he gonna run on, the fucking economy? Nominating Alan Simpson to head a blue-chip committee on saving Social Security?

  9. He should run on his record, his intentions, and his temperament.

  10. Not to sound like my paychecks are signed by blogger, but that spam-as-comment thing doesn't happen *too* often.

  11. I'm with Sasha.

    In order:

    More corporatist-radical than Bush.

    To be more corporatist-radical than Bush.

    More articulation and Blackness than Bush.