Monday, November 22, 2010

The Dog's Paws, Trotting, Rotate His End of Infinity

Does anyone reasonably believe Sarah Palin when she says:
There's nothing different today than there was in the last 43 years of my life since I first started reading. I continue to read all that I can get my hands on -- and reading biographies of, yes, Thatcher for instance, and of course Reagan and the John Adams letters, and I'm just thinking of a couple that are on my bedside, I go back to C.S. Lewis for inspiration, there's such a variety, because books have always been important in my life.
BWRTZ! If you didn't answer, It doesn't fucking matter whether it's bullshit, you're wrong.

There's nothing Palin can say or do that isn't breathlessly newsworthy. She has book deals, she gets a front page article in the NYT Sunday Magazine, she has Frank Rich the same day writing Oh Yes she can! She can command her price on speaker's fees. She can call Fox News and ask for face time whenever she wants on whatever topic she wants, she has Fox News as her publicist, marketer, and promoter. She's being paid for one-hour long campaign ads masquerading as a reality show. She's making gagagazillions more $$$ than everyone who reads this shitty blog combined times 10K.

Sure she's a hollow grifter, but stupid she's not. She was offered the Sarah Palin Decade and said yes. Her example is the carrot of our reeducation, especially the hollow grifter part, and here's the best part: every ounce of snarky-ass Liberal condescension towards Palin generates an ounce more profit for her (the very dynamic that boosted Obama's profits for every cracker attack on Obama's grifter hollowness - trust me, it worked on me).

Obama = Palin, grifters both, the black dude and the cracker woman, offered roles of a lifetime, smart enough to say yes. Palin didn't make me realize this, Obama did.


Les Murray

The lemon sunlight poured out far between things
inhabits a coolness. Mosquitoes have subsided,
flies are for later heat.
Every tree's an auburn giant with a dazzled face
and the back of its head to an infinite dusk road.
Twilights broaden away from our feet too
as rabbits bounce home up defiles in the grass.
Everything widens with distance, in this perspective.
The dog's paws, trotting, rotate his end of infinity
and dam water feels a shiver few willow drapes share.
Bright leaks through their wigwam re-purple the skinny beans
then rapidly the light tops treetops and is shortened
into a day. Everywhere stands pat beside its shadow
for the great bald radiance never seen in dreams.


  1. She's making gagagazillions more $$$ than everyone who reads this shitty blog combined times 10K.

    Yeah, ouch.

  2. The link to the Salon article about celebrity worship was perhaps the most ironic thing I've read in months. Salon = gossipy fluff, for the crowd who have celebrity-worship down pat, but have elevated themselves socially (in their own minds, I mean) above their lower-middle-class origins. Salon = the home of the foppish dandy and NPR/PBS-enslaved "enlightened liberal." They trade in cotton-candy "culture" under a pretense of some variant of faux-intellectualism (Giggity-giggity Greenwald, for example).

    Re Palin having Fox News as her publicist -- imagine if she were more like Obama and had CBS, NBC, ABC, C-SPAN, CNN, PBS, NPR, and every well-circulated newspaper in America serving as her publicist. Wouldn't that be hilarious?

    On a much more positive note, the Les(s) Sav(v)y Fav(orites) link is a good reminder to listen to them again.

  3. Chal Johnson. Go read Blowback if you haven't.

  4. Thanks, I have. He helped me get to the day when I'd type Obama = Palin.

  5. Just 101?

    Man, I need a publicist, it's what all the cool kids are doing.