Sunday, November 21, 2010


The fucks in the patriotic for profit clown suits are University of Maryland football players. Maryland's colors are red and white. Teams that wear black whose color isn't black are lame, teams that wear black whose color isn't black that trim the black with camo are asshats, teams that wear black whose color isn't black and trim them with camo and then put Courage and Country and Commitment and Duty and Loyalty and Honor for NOBs are lame motherfucking knobs. May they lose every fucking game forever and a day, amen.

A cynically manipulative marketing stunt, sure, but another reminder that the etc and yadda is getting worse by design and won't ever get better forever and a day, amen.


  1. wait, wtf?

    My first thought was that black is one of Maryland's colors, so I'm ok with that part, but the rest of this is so beyond lame I can't even comprehend it. They actually did this? Upon first opening this page I thought for sure the photo had to have been doctored to make some political point or other, but wow.

  2. Yes, it's real, and yes, there's so much etc and yadda here to unpack, I'm instead going to go outside and throw plastic at metal baskets.

  3. Jayzus Aitch Kroyste.

    I have earned many credits at Terp Central. This makes me glad I never got a degree there.

    Why not just say "Sponsored by Blackwater/Xe" or "Football is a Battlefield and We Soldier for Aegis"?

  4. Army played in "camo" a few weeks ago. I don't know if they had slogans on the back. I think it was supposed to be for halloween.

  5. Fear the Turtle!

    Hey, and when did BLACK become a patriotic color? Red white & blue, fer shure. Camo, all righty. But black?

    Only the Raiders can wear it.

  6. Played Druid mixed pins with Dr Z, 60 then a 55 with two gacked sitting birds (plus genuine omfg ace run on both One to B 2nd round and Five to A and Eight to A - the gacked sitting birds). For the moment I'm fine with my complicity.

    Yes, but they wear it with silver. Wear all black at home from day one until today, then talk to me.

  7. Meant to say, ace runs on eight in round one and one and five on round two.

    And before I get screamed at in comments like I just got screamed at via email, *yes* the profit on sales on *this* particular shirt is donated to vets. It's called a loss-leader.

  8. Black is fine. It's a color in the state flag. I hate when they wear it, but I also hate when they wear yellow.

    The camo and the name strips were fucktarded. We probably give more of a shit about Terp football than anyone else who reads this blog, and we couldn't bring ourselves to care that the team choked. Your rage? Mildly surprising. But the camo was that awful.

  9. But have they any wool?

    Levi Bryant's recent essay on Problematic Reading begins thusly:

    "One way of reading a philosopher is not so much in terms of the letter of what the text says, but rather in terms of the problem to which that text responds. This was the reading method that Deleuze prescribed."

    In this instance, can we venture that military recruitment while reducing personnel benefits calls for some special creativity from the HR generals, some thinking outside the box but inside the grid (and the prison yard; no doubt that's next).

  10. I hope this means that our supersoldiers are going to start sporing He Hate Me on the back of their camo.