Friday, December 31, 2010

Shabby Guilts and Petty Crimes to Be Killed with Exquisite Kindness

Re: this comment of mine from yesterday's post -

Baal save me from a murder spree should Gabriel start covering Arcade Fire.

but sheeyitandfuck, he already fucking has, I knew that but forgot, so you're spared.

HEY! Paul Westerberg is fifty-one today!

The first thing I'd do if I really wanted to stop being angry is quit this shitty blog, just like you yours. Nothing reminds me more on an hourly basis how much I get off at pushing publish than watching you push publish. As long as I'm competing - and of course I'm competing, of course you're competing - I shabbily compete for fart's power, just like you do shabbily too! Don't make me be Kind to you.

Here's how regimented I am: because I started this iteration of this shitty blog I have faithfully rotated a Fleabus masthead - AND ALL FLEABUS PHOTOS BY PLANET, YO! - with each new post, so I can only dream about making yesterday's masthead permanent, because to make it permanent is blegethically inconceivable.


Vern Rutsala

   We sit in a room armored by light and surrounded 
by surfaces bright as mirrors. Everything shines and 
gives comfort, nothing is out of place and our hosts, 
too, are immaculate, each hair placed with the skill of 
a jeweler. Our words flutter and fail, too dusty, while 
theirs flow out in perfect paragraphs. We wonder why 
they invited us, disheveled and in tatters as we are, to 
enter their lives. Should we confess our unworthi-
ness? And oh we want to scour our brains for some 
small accomplishment but find nothing worthy, noth-
ing to equal the gleaming parquet of their smiles. 
They are so well-bred we can't believe our good luck, 
all our gnarled deceits brought here to be honored! 
And then, suddenly, we know: They're specialists to 
whom we've come with our shabby guilts and petty 
crimes to be killed with exquisite kindness.


  1. "The first thing I'd do if I really wanted to stop being angry is quit this shitty blog"


    Love you, man. Happy New Year.

  2. And it has the added benefit of being true even if it points at an impossibility (at least now)! Bloggle!

    xoxo to you and yours.

  3. I humbly submit that you may be overestimating the effectiveness of the potential tactic. But as you say...pretty darned unlikely.