Thursday, December 30, 2010

It Has Taken Thirty-Five Years to Be This Confident of What Happens Between the Noun and the Verb

However many years I've been blogging, each December 30th I would post either with praise or without comment the Patti Smith youtube below in celebration of her birthday (she's 64 today), but now I'm such a motherfucking cutter I flame into rage over a recent Maureen Dowd throwaway column on Smith that ruined that post this year and necessitated this unnecessarily furious sentence.

So Patti Smith's legacy in my mind is tainted because she talked to Maureen Dowd who subsequently farted out a throwaway column? Probably not, but I am so trained to be angry that when Corporate stops whacking the hornet nests for the holidays, my jones latch onto my loved ones to feed my obedient and reliably hungry anger.


Rodney Jones

It has taken thirty-five years to be this confident
of what happens between the noun and the verb.

Eventually, love goes. The image. Then the thought.
No? Then you are still alive. Only a little. And then,

I do not mean to depress you. Men have to hear
before they see. Sacred vows. Dropped shirts.

Women do not speak to men. They are overheard.
Sadness mounts people. Around the burn-scar high

on one thigh, the body of the beloved will vanish.
And the come cries and salt hair-smells of lovemaking.

Secret fiction, holy matrimony, longest short story
the troth two lovers pledge to one another is none

of the president’s business, let him say what he wants.
He is no good with words. Ask any true lesbian.

He should take a poetry workshop with Adrienne Rich.
He should try using the world less and words more


  1. Finding Polaris in the Aurura Borealis While Sipping Psilocybin Tea Supine on a Chaise Longue on the Deck of the Good Ship, S.S. BDR.

    The effects of reading you today.

    (With thanks to David Markson)

  2. Patty Smith pisses you off by talking to MoDo but the Pantload doesn't piss you off?

    Y'know, there's medications for this. I'm begging you: take them.

  3. Patty Smith is lame and not worth a bloot.

    As for Patti, it's not so much her as it. I'll get over it.

    As for Goldberg, I expect the turds.

  4. Your complicity in everything shitty is appreciated... today.

  5. Frances, you're in Missouri now? It *is* known for its fine shrooms.

    Day by day, Freida, day by day.... though Baal save me from a murder spree should Gabriel start covering Arcade Fire.

  6. I attended several of Patti's New Year's Eve/Birthday Party concerts at the Bowery Ballroom back when I lived in NYC.

    I've got some music from one of those shows on a CD, now that I've learned the magic of uploading to youtuber, I'll have to try some of that.

  7. Trying to stay a step ahead of Dick Cheney. Thanks for blowing my cover. Buh-da--buh. Listen I would like it marked down in the official day's stats that today is the day I solved the riddle pun at the heart of the visual conundrum embedded in the image on the cover of Philip Roth's The Humbling. (The hint on Nemesis's cover didn't hurt, neither. Daddy's sweet like that.)

    Also, I've been meaning to ask you--do you listen to Smokin' Koken?

  8. That should've been "lord of the FLIES", not rings.

  9. wait, how do you organize anarchists?

  10. Thanks for the link, again. Funny thing about Patti Smith--me and the Baronette put her on last night for the first time in a while and had a long talk about the various ways she's amazing. No idea today was her birthday. Synchronicity.

    On the Slate link:

  11. Did you see that Denis Dutton died? I first started reading his ALDaily very early on. Damn.

  12. btw: that may be my favorite Planet photo ever! Happy New Year!