Sunday, January 9, 2011

Assassin Spitting Spitting Assassin

My first thought was which prominent pig blogger would claim Obama ordered the wetwork to tarnish the Tea-Party. My second thought was which prominent pig will blame Obama's radical leftwing agenda for addling the brains of patriotic Americans.

Two years ago today Obama was still President-Elect. I'd bet pints he'd be assassinated before the inauguration, I've bet pints he'll be assassinated before the end of his first term, I've bet pints on fertilizer bombs detonating at state houses and government buildings by now.

Two years into my obamapostasy and my angrier disassociation from and disgust with the Democratic Party and the professional Left, my first thoughts serve to remind me that abandoning a religion doesn't rid me of that religion's doctrines. Of course I assumed the shooter was a cracker, a christer. Blogrolls spun with similar reflexive conclusions. I'm certain we fulfilled our stereotypical duties better than the shooter fulfilled the stereotypical role we'd assigned him even if the role we'd assigned him turns out to be true.

I've repeatedly asserted that I'm a bigot: I'm not going to pretend that when I see a pick-up with a confederate flag decal in the rear window and gun racks and bumper-stickers about Obama's marxism I don't feel a surge of loathing. Despising the MOCO cracker when I see him doesn't mean I think - hey, wait a minute...  I do think he jokes about killing my Democratic congressman. Jeebusfuck, I joke about smashing Steve King's head with an aluminum baseball bat.

Meanwhile, while this bigot leapt as assigned in allegiance to my assumptions - and I gave all thoughts to who did the killing, not one to who was killed; worse, I gave all hope that the shooter was a cracker - watch "deficit hawks" on Capitol Hill fund increased personal security, watch Obama claim this is proof he needs to move ever more diligently to the right, as cause to further marginalize the Left, watch Corporate SEIZE! the chance to push forward the release dates of the next assault on your civil liberties, regardless the ultimate motives of the shooter.

Regardless the ultimate motives of the shooter, watch this play out in the media, in Corporate's boardrooms, in your head, exactly like you think it's going to play out.


Jackson Mac Low

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  1. Also from the NYT: Both sides to blame, lattie-dah.

    Does it make me a bigot to point out that only one side has made a fetish of guns, Second Amendment solutions, and printed posters like the Sarah Palin one above?

  2. The only person I'm qualified to call a bigot is me.

  3. By the way, those aren't rifle scope-like cross hairs on that poster.

    No siree! They're surveyor's symbols.

  4. Partisan doesn't equal bigot, though of course I respect my BFF's use of metaphor and hyperbole, and in fact worship his skill at it.

    The Times is full of shit, as are a lot of people on the Giffords assault, in varying degrees.

    A wackjob shot a congressperson.

    There is an extremely hostile political tone in these times.

    People (I'm people too) are doing some pretty fucked up contortions to unsuccessfully paint the first as conclusive evidence of absolute fault in the second, when a lot of people who probably aren't shrill got shot because they happened to go see their congressperson, or their friend, and got in the way of a delusional paranoid--and by that, I mean a seriously mentally ill person, not a metaphor for some person of some political stripe that I don't like--with a gun.

    I'm more than a little angry about that. And about my anger. And about the wackjob. And about people who use violence rhetoric in politics and claim it's just rhetoric. And about some other related stuff it's really best to remain kind about.

  5. I "exist" in Arizona.
    It seems that Az. is a test tube for insanity.
    Will the last one off please turn out the lights.

    This was an assassination plain and simple.
    The MSM, or the Govt. will not call it that though.
    Because then they would have to admit that we have home bred terrorists in our own country.
    If this guy is a lone wolf, then there are plenty of other wolves out there with the same evil in their hearts.

  6. Heh, I thought of you when I posted it.

  7. Just don't bust on anyone from Beanie-and- County and you're golden.

    Hunters fall from tree stands all the time. Shit, if you had to get up at 2:30 AM after only 3 hrs sleep and drive into the hills, walk a mile or so, set up a tree stand before dawn, you'd be tired too.

    One of my grad school classmates used to fall asleep in his fall late-morning lectures because he'd been out hunting at oh-dark-thirty while the rest of us were snoozing. I've had many hunting friends tell me of nodding off etc.

    People who grow up in Suburbia or in one of its pretenders tend to grow up with a fairly ignorant view of hunters and hunting. The Suburban Worker Dad Dude usually is fond of hunting sales prospects, workplace tyranny opportunities, or new trophies to impress other Suburuban Worker Dad Dudes... but very very rarely knows the tiniest bit about hunting, which is a largely rural and mostly mountain-rural (when it comes to scoped rifles, that is) pursuit. To the Suburban, a gun is a lethal thing that Angry and Disaffected Black Youth brandish in SE DC, not something a rural family uses to put meat on their table.

    The Lib-Pwog sees rural and thinks "uneducated PLUS GUNS" which is about as scary as Lib-Pwog Suburban Worker Dad Dude's daughter getting engaged to a Republican.