Monday, January 10, 2011

Our Secret Past Required That You and I Forget Why and Where We Lost Our Place When We Went Off the Books

Can you think of anyone - you, me, friends, family, political and media figures, the guys we shoot pool with in Stringtown, Blegsylvania - whose visceral reaction in the 24 hours after the shooting wasn't to the gestures and inflections utterly predictable, because I can't, and that's grimlyfunny scary.


Harryette Mullen

Who knows why you and I fell off the roster?
Who can figure out why you and I never passed muster
on our way out yonder?
Does anyone wonder why you and I lacked
the presence of minding our blunders?
Can anyone see why you and I, no longer intact,
pulled a disappearing act and left without scratch? Our secret past
required that you and I forget why and where
we lost our place when we went off the books.
Could anyone guess, does anyone know or ever care
why you and I can't be found, as hard as we look?
Who'll spell out of us, if we exist,
why you and I missed our turn on the list?
Who can stand to reason why you and I let
our union dissolve to strike the orderly alphabet.


  1. Sorry to hear about your aunt.

  2. Thanks very much. She hasn't really been here for a decade, so it's much more sad than hard for me, though for my mom, who lost her bestfriend three months ago, this is incredibly difficult.

    The only thing worse than this growing old shit is the alternative.

  3. I would've sworn I posted this earlier: yes, Fuck King Farm, and it's a bummer about the Pooles.

    I'll keep it local. Anything wider challenges my (thus far less than successful) commitment to kind in this forum.