Friday, January 14, 2011

Here Come My Night Thoughts on Crutches, Returning from Studying the Heavens

What the fuck else did you think Obama would say? Watch St Benny of Olsen use idiot platitudes and cliches to not answer the direct question of where United plans to play Perry Kitchen:

Digby is being flayed for saying, "For my money it was the best speech he's given as president ---simple, human and uplifting in a difficult moment. As the father of two little girls himself his evocation of Christina Green was particularly poignant. He's not known for sentimentality, but he showed heart and it was good.," but what the fuck else would Digby be saying? What the fuck else would Digby's flayers be flaying?

And me, what else did you think this post would be saying, implying?

RIP Trish Keenan.


Charles Simic

Here come my night thoughts
On crutches,
Returning from studying the heavens.
What they thought about
Stayed the same,
Stayed immense and incomprehensible.

My mother and father smile at each other
Knowingly above the mantel.
The cat sleeps on, the dog
Growls in his sleep.
The stove is cold and so is the bed.

Now there are only these crutches
To contend with.
Go ahead and laugh, while I raise one
With difficulty,
Swaying on the front porch,
While pointing at something
In the gray distance.

You see nothing, eh?
Neither do I, Mr. Milkman.
I better hit you once or twice over the head
With this fine old prop,
So you don't go off muttering

I saw something!


  1. Tristero was just embarrassing:

    I just finished reading Obama's Tucson speech. I really must go further than Digby and declare it was not only the best speech Obama has given since becoming president, but also one of the greatest speeches given by any sitting president. It was heartfelt, eloquent, beautifully written and paced, and deeply personal while calling all of us to realize a larger purpose: the national goal of establishing a discourse healthy for democracy.

  2. Oh, I know - I'm not giving them a pass, I'm just weary of fulfilling my role as Digby scold.

    The spectrum incrementally moves left, moves right, but our respective places on the spectrum remains constant, and we use these eruptions not only to reify our beliefs but to compete within that belief to be that belief's top priest. I'm not excluding myself - I'm small this way too.

  3. Why are these rain puddles yellow? Get your 'I watched the war from a safe distance and all I got was this lousy t-shirt' on 100% Hanes cotton!

    Well, if Obama does lose in 2012, at least he's got a job waiting for him at Hallmark.

  4. The competition to be smallest is as vicious as the competition to be largest.

    O!bama's gonna be reelected. Pint bets stand.

    This shooting couldn't have worked out better for Obama if it had been planned. Urp.

  5. Who knew DC had a professional soccer team?

  6. i remember hearing a recording of all of the pauses, all the uhs and ums, weird breathing and swallowing noises, and so on, spliced together from a Bush speech.

  7. The Caps lost again, too. Aren't they supposed to wait until the playoffs before folding?

  8. Thanks, I didn't see it, but that's good to know.

    As someone who regrets posting a caricature of a fat-assed HRC in a mustard-colored pantsuit during 2008 primaries, I'm concerned I hate Palin for the reasons that have nothing to do with her gender.

  9. Thunder, you mistake me for Elric and Landru. I couldn't give a flying fuck about the not-Penguins.

  10. Search for " Bush Stuttering"

  11. Whenever I post something making fun of establishment liberals I feel pretty bad about it afterward. It's an addiction, and a hard one to break because it's so easy to do.

    One reason I do it, though, is to remind myself of how I used to think, and how poor a thinker I've been in the past, and how I should remember that I might be just as poor a thinker now. I should perhaps try to make this clearer in the future, because otherwise it's just, yes, a struggle to be the smallest.

    Awful about Trish Keenan. I never got as into Broadcast as I wanted to. I guess now's the time.

  12. I don't mean small = petty (or petty alone) btw, I mean small as in resorting to the rules of the game we claim we are superior to. And I'm not talking specifically our hicktown of Blegsylvania, though the phenomenon certainly occurs there, as this blog proves.

  13. So much to thwack, so big of a chubby for the kind.

    I'll stick with this: Planet wants you to give enough of a fuck about the Red to get her uncle (pick one, or two of three, even) to take her to another hockey game. Do it for the children, BFF. Y'know, Planet's uncles included.