Thursday, January 13, 2011

Float Beside Me with a Swan’s Touch of Casual Satisfaction

For the sake of succinctness, what I said in comments yesterday:
Yeah, I saw both. The world is large and shitty enough that Palin can both be a victim of horrible misogynism and Liberal kneejerk reactions AND simultaneously be a loathsome pig.

I've transcended the either/or impulse. Yay me.
I've yet to find joy from my new enhanced-by-double insights. What I seem to see clearer are the formative rules that demand the either/or impulse as lead and leash, remember the lessons I've learned from that philosophy of power's key texts.

Yes I am a lazy motherfucker: there are plenty of folk who'll tumble for you - I link to them below! - to wrestle with the meanings of The Sarah Palin Decade, but I want to again thank KEXP  for making me revisit WFMU: I found that image on a dj's excellent playlist (each song has an mp3 pop-up, yo).

Serendipity is as double-edged as enforced either/ors (or forced metaphors).


Jack Spicer

Listen, you silk-hearted bastard,
I said in the bar last night,
You wear those dream clothes
Like a swan out of water.
Listen, you wool-feathered bastard,
My name, just for the record, is Leda.
I can remember pretending
That your red silk tie is a real heart
That your raw wool suit is real flesh
That you could float beside me with a swan’s touch
Of casual satisfaction.
But not the swan’s blood.
Waking tomorrow, I remember only
Somebody’s feathers and his wrinkled heart
Draped loosely in my bed.


  1. beyond the binaries your loathsome pig detector seems quite adjusted...

    so how do we reject the great institutional binary (left-right bullshit) one and for all then?

  2. Welcome, michael.

    I have no idea how we reject the binary, though if we can agree to disagree on the goodness/shittiness binary of the band your blog's name alludes to, anything is possible! Heh.

  3. Link thanks, sir. I swear I had that record player growing up, except in red. Didn't have a Svetlana though.

    Whomever comes up with a workable anti-binary solution could probably crown him/herself philosopher-god. Bonne chance, Mrs. Calabash, wherever you are.

    Re: fetishization of the recent proceedings, alluded to by many. Apparently, they brought a 9/11 flag to that girl's funeral. Awesome.

  4. LOL. I'm not a fan of that band. They kinda suck actually. I came up with the blog name all on my own (it is apersonla motif), but i probably had Derrida's book title 'Archive Fever' floating somehwere in my subconscious nightmares...

    I came here by way of the mighty Jack Crow's linkage. Great blogging here I must say.

    I hope you'll drop by my place sometime and weigh-in.


  5. @Randal

    funeral protesters should be flayed with bundles of shredded iron sheets, and then made to get grade 12 diplomas in a non-southern state.

    you wanna talk about gun laws, they are fucking lucky that they aren't protesting my kid's memorial, it'd be like a Rambo movie up in there.

  6. "LOL. I'm not a fan of that band. They kinda suck actually."

    Yay! It's love!

    I use my blogrolls as my bookmarks and you've been tagged. It'll remind me to come visit.

  7. I think what Sarah meant to say was that 'pundints' and journalists shouldn't use a "surveyor's" libel against her.