Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Hypnotic Suit of Rights Very Slowly Struts

Did you know Washington DC has a professional soccer team?

It's true! and it's owner just used the Baltimore stick to whack the District across the face re: new stadium and yawn, they've added a Uruguayan defender and yawn, they've just traded a piece of wood - a hard-working, good-engined piece of wood but a piece of wood nonetheless, for a future piece of wood and yawn.

Jeebusfuck, just when I think I've achieved a comfortable level of hopeless despondency, I read something like this:
Provoked by Ta-Nehisi Coates, Matthew Yglesias ponders the difficulty adapting Gatsby, in the face of the looming 3D threat.
and I remember anew we only imagine we can think we can imagine how much and in how many various ways we're thoroughly fucked, but we have no fucking idea.


Frederick Seidel

The Red Guards of love rhythmically stomp their feet
In the stands as their leaders denounce themselves and beg to be retrained.
Venus is dance a tango called Banco! (as in baccarat).
She's wearing donkey ears. She's wearing an amazing necklace
Of fetus heads.
The Guards rove through the modern cities,
Stoning to death the busts they don't like in the libraries.
The hypnotic suit of rights very slowly struts.


  1. Dr. Kraphammer had something to say today, too.

    Rather than link to the WaPoop, I'll just link my own comment at S,N!

  2. So did Ms. Palin. Apparently she's a Jew because she accused her critics of "blood libel."

  3. Yeah, I saw both. The world is large and shitty enough that Palin can both be a victim of horrible misogynism and Liberal kneejerk reactions AND simultaneously be a loathsome pig.

    I've transcended the either/or impulse. Yay me.

  4. Thanks, Dog, for the linkage.

    Hey, didn't you know? This has always been all about Sister Sarah. How that woman can suck so much oxygen out of the room baffles me. She has some marvelous PR people (Crowd Krystol, et al.); now SHE is the story. It doesn't matter what we think about her. SHE is getting the attention, even as the president (little 'p') heads to AZ to be the comforter in chief. Upstaging the story, the president, the analysis, the press coverage... Hell, we're talking about her. That's some serious shit. How do you combat such a black hole of attention whoring?

  5. Jim, put the Cavs on national teevee every night. People love train wrecks. Hmm, which team will be worse next season, the Cavs or United.

    I was all excited, thinking that high voltage link was vintage AC/DC, heh.