Friday, February 18, 2011


Two paragraphs for your consideration as you fall asleep tonight:

In his White House statement, Obama criticized "the use of violence by governments against peaceful protesters." Britain focused its sharpest criticism on Bahrain, revoking licenses that have allowed the kingdom to buy tear-gas canisters, crowd-control ammunition and other equipment. 

The United States last year provided Bahrain with about $21 million in military assistance, a substantial amount given the country's relatively small size. Of that total, about $1 million was designated for counterterrorism aid, much of it to the police and military forces that are suppressing the protests in the country's capital.


  1. Lucky for us losing sleep over the proper use of taxpayer dollars that all those protesters were also terrorists. Land of Nod, here I come.

  2. Next Fry-day, I expect both of you to post twice.

    I'll do it if you do it!