Saturday, February 19, 2011


Did you know Washington DC has a professional soccer team?

It's true! and I reclaim and reestablish my claim to the trademark Fredsux! (I'm sure I did it long before August 2009, but the search engine on the old site sucks and I'm a lazy fuck counting on mine vouching for I'm doing an honest).

More importantly, had I not marked the return of Fredsux! with a post I would have violated all that is left of my honor as Knez of Egoslavia and been forced to moan about needing to quit but not being able to. Endlessly. I love you too much but not as much as I love me to let that happen to me.

Lazy fuck? Watch me plagiarize my email:
My first thought is that either or both Boskovic/Quaranta aren't showing much (wouldn't surprise me if Boskovic is gone mid-July). 
My second thought was Fred's brother is here and might need some big brother influence. Even Kasper Payne must see Juniorsux as the more important sux.
I'm told:
Those are both perfectly reasonable theories.

High praise!
Talk turned to the Balkan:
Y'know, I keep forgetting about Branko. Has he even been mentioned in news from the scrimmages? I don't remember seeing a word about him so far.
Yeah, his name I've seen, and either United's site or UnitedMania or Black and Red interviewed him and Olsen and they made they predictable noises.

To be honest, if I was United, I wouldn't be saying a word about him. If he's great it's a surprise, if he sucks, they want a wasted DP acquisition and wasted $500K to disappear as quietly as possible.

Know who I'm not hearing anything about? Josh Wolff.
Okay, I finally have something nice to say about acquiring Fred:

It's better than acquiring Josh Wolff. Who has only ever been overshadowed in pussitude by the now restored-to-grace TDFT.

Kurt Morsink, Josh Wolff, and Fredsux. Jeebus, I might have to fucking forgive fucking Tino.
If they'd known Davies would've dropped to them I'm guessing Wolff wouldn't have been acquired, especially considering the have Ngwenya too (who HAS been in the scrimmage news in a positive way).

Says much about the Allsopp/Cristman era and it's short-term after-effects.
Yeppers. Good thing we can work out our blogs in email, eh?


  1. I hereby certify that you own Fredsux!, though I own the other Fredsuxthing, and that you have reproduced in their entirety our email chain, thus saving me the potentially inconvenient bits.

  2. Seems to me if you want own Fredsux!, than you better trademark it.


  3. You and Landru are funny shit, you guys should have a Morning Zoo about ... uhhh ... what's the team's name again?

    It's not still the Diplomats is it?

  4. Branko did well at LM down in Florida (playing against teenagers), sounds like he's in much better shape this year. I think having McCarty to feed him is gonna do wonders for the Balkan.

  5. Please note that Goose did that jinx, not me.

  6. I know. Maybe he's a member of some pagan sect.

  7. I spit in the face of the soccer gods.