Monday, March 7, 2011

Charleston 1, United 2

United won the 2010 Carolina Challenge! How'd that augur?

But (and I saw maybe half of each half - Fullback has much more) --- I'm mildly optimistic we'll be Daxfans by week two. I wonder how much Benny's input bringing McCarty in weighed. McCarty had the armband.

I'm mildly optimistic the defense will be better (even if only by .06%). I'm mildly optimistic the midfield is not only better but has more options than last year. I'm not optimistic about the strikers until I see Davies running at full-speed for significant minutes, Pontius run at full-speed for two consecutive games without tearing a hamstring, or Wolff and/or Ngwenya prove me wrong.

I'm more pessimistic than ever I'll ever get to dance me a Fuck-Me-Jig. Hello, Mayor Gray, the District Attorney's on line one, your lawyer's on line two, Kwame Brown's on line three, Sulaimon Brown's on line four, and there's a Will Chang from something called the D.C. United on the line five asking for a stadium....


I'm not going to sit here and say there's no reason to pay any attention to DC United this year. There's Davies, Najar, and McCarty. But it's much more important for them to get their own stadium, that short of a run for the championship, nothing on the field compares with the risk of losing this team to Baltimore or Grand Rapids or wherever. Nothing against Menckenopolis, but if Baltimore wants to see FC Homicide in MLS, let them find a multi-millionaire like everyone else


  1. What?

    But I was informed that there never is any joy in Mudville!

  2. Hey, do you ever go to Yellow games?

    If Planet goes to college where she wants to go to college, I'm looking at a trip the first weekend in October to visit/check-up on her (and, um, sneaking away to see United play Yellow off I-71. Buy me a beer!).

  3. I'll buy you a beer, but the last time I went to a soccer game was back in 70s. I think it was the Dallas something or others. (I was in Dallas because of an NSF grant to take math in the summer at SMU. Man, I was cool in H.S. ;)

  4. Even team tennis is getting a stadium.

  5. Hey, who knew DC had a professional futbol team. Go The Uniteds! Good to have that fanboy snarl back. Hope you found some salve someway.