Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Sixty-Nine Today

As is now tradition, requests solicited and honored when possible, though I'd rather asphyxiate in a giant noxzema jar of my own earwax than listen to any version of Leonard Cohen's "Hallelujah" (especially Jeff Buckley's), and I love Leonard Cohen.

Also, ixnay on the Elvetsay, please. This is true, forgive me: I honor the Velvets more for what they spawned than the music they produced. Planet borrowed my box-set (the one with the banana that peels off) because some kid was yodeling about the wonders of VU, and when she returned it (unimpressed) I listened to it and... it hasn't aged well for me (though, again, I honor their influence). And I'm not a Lou Reed fan. And this is John Cale's birthday. Other than that, request anything!

Collaborations (other than with Reed) welcome, like this one, a multiple time Theme Song of the Month, and possibly the most posted song here ever. (LOUD! please):


Ethan does the work for me!

Also, Blood and Treasure has a song! Bmpthnx!


  1. I think I remember seeing Patti Smith with John Cale at one of her Birthday Party/New Year's concerts at the Bowery Ballroom, back when I still lived in NYC.

    I wonder if that's on the innertoobz somewhere?

  2. Man, you all are old, heh.

    Took a while, but that Eno/Cale album's definitely grown on me. Muchas thankas, sir.

  3. 0 for Smith/Cale so far, but will keep digging once away from the sucketh that is work.

    You're welcome - anyone else who wants the Eno/Cale burnt and mailed to you, send me an email.

  4. All of Church of Anthrax, one of my all-time favorite albums ever of all time ever.

    Gideon's Bible.

    Paris 1919.

    Buffalo Ballet.

    Barracuda (awful sound on this one particularly).

    Mr. Wilson.

    Despite everything, I love the original version of "Hallelujah" from Various Positions, but I understand your, uh, position.

  5. Thanks much. Links upbumped to post.

    Also, someone's trying to pick a fight w/you in last post re: Manning. Guy found his way here after Montag linked Kindly to post in another comment thread.

  6. Oh, I had forgotten to look back there...

  7. So is the title of this post presaging your Broder post?