Monday, March 14, 2011

Sometimes with One I Love I Fill Myself with Rage for Fear I Effuse Unreturn'd Love

Imagine Corporate's best Chicago School trained shock-doctrineers, who didn't budget for the world's second or third largest economy collapsing, damning their luck that it's shit like this catastrophic earthquake that ruins their beautiful flow charts with motherfucking hungry peasants, dying by the tens of thousands, not dying by the millions, demanding help from their rulers, the motherfucking peasants.

Imagine Obama waiting for the presser before the inevitable question about Manning after Crowley's comment. Imagine him seething in anger. The motherfucker.

Motherfucker, it's easy to imagine seething in anger, yes? Saturday night at a retirement party for the single worse professor I ever had at the home of one of the best professors I ever had, during a conversation about Obama in general and Crowley/Manning in particular, when the second worse professor I ever had (and one of the ten worse people I've ever met) said, See, this would all be different if you all had voted for Hillary instead of Nobama, I was about to say, She won't resign in protest when Obama fires Crowley, then thought why start a fight when no one but the shitty human wanted one? Disaster-porn was looping on CNN on three different plasma screens, one in the living room, one the den, one the kitchen.


Walt Whitman

Sometimes with one I love I fill myself with rage for fear I
 effuse unreturn'd love,
But now I think there is no unreturn'd love, the pay is
 certain one way or another,
(I loved a certain person ardently and my love was not
Yet out of that I have written these songs.)


  1. It's astounding that your strict adherence to your tinfoil-hat conspiracy theory allows you to simply write off the unimaginable suffering of so many people - and to think that you are being witty doing it.

    You really should consider therapy.

  2. Almost as astonishing as your consistent ability to not get the point of what I write.

    The post is *about* the unimaginable suffering and the Kudlows of the world who see it only in $$$.

  3. I can't imagine being at a party where there are 3 TeeVees going -- no matter what is happening in the world. A party of triangulation? A position that the guests cannot keep themselves entertained with each other's company? Sorry to hear that was the landscape where the cretinous ex-prof uttered Rank Selfishness. Insult to injury.

    Good thing E7's here to put it all in healthy perspective, eh?

  4. Wow. Things would be different if Hillary was president?

    Sure. There would be a different set of former Bill Clinton advisers pushing the exact same policies. (The policies that have failed everyone except for the only people who count...the ones with all the money.)

  5. People at the party clustered around the sets. I was talking with a prof from CCT (Culture, Communication, Technology) who was saying the ramifications of this, by far the most digitally documented disaster ever, will be studied for decades. He's the one who used the phrase disaster-porn.

  6. WTF would he be thinking, "ramifications"? The fact that it can be "documented" changes nothing about the more important fact of its occurrence and what happens to the people affected directly by it. Was it some kind of bullshit hollow pseudo-empathy? "We can feel their pain that much better" he said, drinking a pinot grigio from inside a townhouse worth $7.8 million.

  7. Theories of spectacle, in particular, how panopticon is being turned by the gazed upon back on the gazers. How it fits into theories of power, both the application of power and resistance to it.

    I was drinking a Brooklyn pilsner, he was drinking a Brooklyn lager. I've never denied my complicity.

  8. It is the age of ironists behaving ironically in a world propelled by irony. I'm still having trouble with the idea of a "party" where people gather 'round TeeVees, but then I don't go to "Super Bowl Parties" and never have. Perhaps it's a function of my being away from The National Swamp for so long. Maybe nearly all parties back there now involve TV-huddles.

    I wasn't busting on your complicity as such, though your humble admission of it does you justice. I was thinking more about a Prof of Communications/whatever talking on Spectacle. Reminds me of Chomsky talking about Empire while earning a nice coin from MIT's DoD work.

    As I said, Age of Irony. I'm so Luddite I struggle to accept it.

  9. The TVs wouldn't have been on if not for the horrific news and images from Japan. No one could stop looking.

  10. I couldn't stop looking at the pictures either. It is disaster porn. So is watching the helicopter gunship shooting and imagining Manning standing naked outside his cell day after day. Could you ask the CCT professor what the differences are among these porns? I can't quite put my finger on it.

    I am an unabashed fan of this site and this is the best thing you've ever done here. Why bother conversing in anger? Why say, as I have so many times, "Its a lot easier to hate the motherfucker doing the things than the motherfucker who would have done them. I am a complicit motherfucker myself.

  11. Isn't that clip from the DBZ episode that caused an outbreak of epileptic-type seizures upon release?

    Not sure that this weekend's coverage qualifies as disaster porn per se; it was on too grand a scale. A non-human scale, a grander-than-human scale. Doesn't disaster porn involve screaming, running humans, blood, etc. This was a full-on, slo-mo don't fuck with Mother Nature ad—aimed at you, nuke industrial complex. Who's buying?

    Did you catch what that Republican Kudlow creep spewed on CNBC? "The human toll here looks to be much worse than the economic toll, and we can be grateful for that." There's Chicago school of econ porn for ya'. Hey, to me, the economic toll looks to be more horrific than anyone imagines. They can't even begin to assess how bad it is yet. And you know the motherfuckin' insurance agencies are gonna' invoke flood and force majeur exceptions to coverage. God fabid their bottom lines should take a hit. Let the Japeasants fend the best they can; oh, and let's all be charitable and humane.

    My heart weeps at this mass disturbance in the force. I can't explain.

    My idiot son (I kid; I love him) keeps saying it's the beginning of the Maya 2012 thing.

  12. Amidst all of this - thanks for Fur Alina. I can't listen at work but I can activate my memory banks to replay internally.

    I have pondered the ceiling of many a DC Metro station while lying on granite benches, late at night, semi-drunk and alone.

  13. drip, thanks much for the Kind words. I'd only met the CCT prof about six months ago, but we made noises about post-work pints in the future. It was fun talking w/him. Hope it happens.

    Jim, it's a matter of time before Corporate ties the earthquake, tsunami, nuclear meltdown, catastrophic clusterfuck to Saul Alinsky. And uses the earthquake, tsunami, nuclear meltdown and catastrophic clusterfuck to ram through more austerity. Sacrifices must be made!

    Airport, I'm glad you like, but selfishly, the Part was for me.

  14. Poor Walt; probably tricked by some creep.

    Poor Kuddles; it was the bales of ingested Mannitol that done it.