Sunday, March 20, 2011

United 3, Columbus 1

That? was as full and loud and electric as RFK has been in years. LOUD SIDE! was JUMPING! Put a good product on the field, United will draw 25K. Be very interesting to see how big a crowd shows up for Galaxy, especially if United can grab at least four of six points in the next two (road) games (at Ningland - winnable; at Colorado - not so much).

OK, read this (and see if you can see me and Landru and Ilse and Bromark in the photo there!). I agree with much, including the notion that we have no idea what this season will bring, and I will not make broad assessments based on one game, but:

Defense: Having mocked Burch for years, I need credit him for saving a goal in the 15th and playing as good a game I've yet seen him. It's a matter of time before his feet break - I think it's in his contract - but he looked a better than competent left back. Jakovic and Kitchen might - with time to cohere -  be better than competent central backs. Kitchen showed inexperience but also remarkable composure for a rookie in his first start. Jed Zayner, fuck yeah. He left hurt. Fuck.

Midfield: Bad day for Dax. Dependably excellent and invisible day for Simms. Underwhelming day for Najar - and this is slightly worrisome: we couldn't figure out what Olsen was trying to do with Najar - he was either running four yards off the sideline or wandering aimlessly in the middle of the field. I do see what Olsen was trying to do with Pontius, who looks a better midfielder than striker, and who will, until he rips a hamstring, keep Quaranta and Boskovic (who will be gone by mid-July) on the bench.

Strikers: We were bitching about Josh Wolff literally seconds before he scored. I joked that he must have a start first game bonus in his contract that Benny, being a bud, honored. If Josh Wolff is - while others are healthy - starting a majority of games than this season will not be magical. Ditto Ngwenya, who didn't have a good first touch all night. Quaranta came on for him late. Davies and somebody other than Wolff and Ngwenya, yes? Brettschneider!

More pluses than minuses, especially on the back line. I'm out of shape writing about a United with more pluses than minuses. United now has 10% of total points of all of last season after only one game! That's all the Ba'al-taunting I'm going to hazard as of now.

O! great great great time. 232 was great, and wonderful seeing friends at halftime, including Mr X-DCenters! Vid courtesy Bromark!

O! The Oklahoma Kid says get four-times as many beer vendors, motherfuckers. Ditto, I say, and make sure they sell something besides Modelo, Bud, or motherfucking Miller Lite. Every fucking opening game of every fucking year. MORE BEER VENDORS, motherfuckers. xoxo.


  1. Nice win, it sounds like. Congratulations! You have to feel good for Davies scoring the goals. He sounded very humbled after the game. So, it's not a season but it's a start.

  2. Congrats, BDR.

    Good luck on getting better beer choices. I think those sucky beer manufacturers pay big money to make sure you just have a few different flavors of piss water to choose from.

  3. Was watching league highlights and noticed Perkins wasn't in goal for Portland. A bit of looking found that a Kenny Cooper strike took his knee out in practice during the week. He wasn't even on the bench.