Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A Vivacious Mother Hides a Gawky Daughter. The Daughter Hides Her Own Vivacious Daughter in Turn

More proof of my mother's theory that bad kids skip generations:

FORT MYERS, Fla. (AP) — Authorities in southwest Florida say a 17-year-old girl pointed a gun at her mother, pistol-whipped her and forced her to drive to a dealership to buy her a used car.

The sheriff’s office in Lee County said Monday that the teen has been charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon without intent to kill, among other counts, and was being held at a juvenile detention center.

According to officials, the mother said she didn’t want to press charges because her daughter had been accepted to several Ivy League schools.

We offered to buy Planet a car if she went to a certain nearby school and I'm certain she's going to turn the car down, though if I don't stop asking what she's thinking about her decision I swear she's going to brain me upside my right ear with a shovel.

  • It needs to be said that I have never heard of ANYONE in the Dogred blood-trees EVER referred to as vivacious, nor anyone associated with them through marriage. Gawky? Yes.
  • Silver Line! or NOVA is boring.
  • Wheaton as Bethesda?
  • I did tell Fobin Ricker to die slowly and painfully in a puddle of his vomit and piss when I saw him on Woodmont Avenue in Bethesda a couple of months ago. Felt good. He acted like he hears it all the time, which no doubt the motherfucker does.
  • Something Kensington doesn't need. Lame motherfuckers. Stop sending me mail asking me for money. 
  • Whatever you do, don't raise property taxes on motherfucking mcmansionists.
  • My future hell.


Kenneth Koch

(sign at a railroad crossing in Kenya)
In a poem, one line may hide another line,
As at a crossing, one train may hide another train.
That is, if you are waiting to cross
The tracks, wait to do it for one moment at
Least after the first train is gone. And so when you read
Wait until you have read the next line--
Then it is safe to go on reading.
In a family one sister may conceal another,
So, when you are courting, it's best to have them all in view
Otherwise in coming to find one you may love another.
One father or one brother may hide the man,
If you are a woman, whom you have been waiting to love.
So always standing in front of something the other
As words stand in front of objects, feelings, and ideas.
One wish may hide another. And one person's reputation may hide
The reputation of another. One dog may conceal another
On a lawn, so if you escape the first one you're not necessarily safe;
One lilac may hide another and then a lot of lilacs and on the Appia
     Antica one tomb
May hide a number of other tombs. In love, one reproach may hide another,
One small complaint may hide a great one.
One injustice may hide another--one colonial may hide another,
One blaring red uniform another, and another, a whole column. One bath
     may hide another bath
As when, after bathing, one walks out into the rain.
One idea may hide another: Life is simple
Hide Life is incredibly complex, as in the prose of Gertrude Stein
One sentence hides another and is another as well. And in the laboratory
One invention may hide another invention,
One evening may hide another, one shadow, a nest of shadows.
One dark red, or one blue, or one purple--this is a painting
By someone after Matisse. One waits at the tracks until they pass,
These hidden doubles or, sometimes, likenesses. One identical twin
May hide the other. And there may be even more in there! The obstetrician
Gazes at the Valley of the Var. We used to live there, my wife and I, but
One life hid another life. And now she is gone and I am here.
A vivacious mother hides a gawky daughter. The daughter hides
Her own vivacious daughter in turn. They are in
A railway station and the daughter is holding a bag
Bigger than her mother's bag and successfully hides it.
In offering to pick up the daughter's bag one finds oneself confronted by
     the mother's
And has to carry that one, too. So one hitchhiker
May deliberately hide another and one cup of coffee
Another, too, until one is over-excited. One love may hide another love
     or the same love
As when "I love you" suddenly rings false and one discovers
The better love lingering behind, as when "I'm full of doubts"
Hides "I'm certain about something and it is that"
And one dream may hide another as is well known, always, too. In the
     Garden of Eden
Adam and Eve may hide the real Adam and Eve.
Jerusalem may hide another Jerusalem.
When you come to something, stop to let it pass
So you can see what else is there. At home, no matter where,
Internal tracks pose dangers, too: one memory
Certainly hides another, that being what memory is all about,
The eternal reverse succession of contemplated entities. Reading 
    A Sentimental Journey look around
When you have finished, for Tristram Shandy, to see
If it is standing there, it should be, stronger
And more profound and theretofore hidden as Santa Maria Maggiore
May be hidden by similar churches inside Rome. One sidewalk
May hide another, as when you're asleep there, and
One song hide another song; a pounding upstairs
Hide the beating of drums. One friend may hide another, you sit at the
     foot of a tree
With one and when you get up to leave there is another
Whom you'd have preferred to talk to all along. One teacher,
One doctor, one ecstasy, one illness, one woman, one man
May hide another. Pause to let the first one pass.
You think, Now it is safe to cross and you are hit by the next one. It 
     can be important
To have waited at least a moment to see what was already there.


  1. Prediction: Obama wins in 2012, and is even worse (for us, i.e. better for corporate) in his 2nd term.

    They couldn't be happier with the way things are turning out.

  2. There's a future cabinet member/Senator in the gun-toting offspring. Oh, and if you get brained, have Planet send your CDs to me, heh.

    I'm starting to agree with you on the whole Obama Shots Partie Deux thing & since I'm finding myself agreeing more often with more people, I'm beginning to worry about my sanity.

    If you got the chance to watch the friendly last night, was I hallucinating in that we didn't look disorganized and/or flustered too often (if still unable to finish)? Young Agudelo looked pretty good.

  3. Randal G. - I'm beginning to worry about my sanity.


  4. I must confess, I'm having trouble summoning a damn that I can't summon a damn about USMNT right now. Had dibs on tickets for a Gold Cup match at RFK this summer but will be in England at the time. Zero regret.

    It'll never happen, but for USMNT to excite me outside of WC (and for the US to progress as a soccer nation), CONMEBOL and CONCACAF need merge. Copa would be as big as Euro - that? I could get excited about.

  5. Uhm, you understand that, in a stunning display of coincidence within your own post, the Council CAN'T raise property taxes on McMansions because of...Robin Ficker?

  6. Yup!

    I swear, there are people I'd like to club with a shovel for the benefit of all mankind, and then there's Fobin Ricker, who I'd like to club with a shovel for giggles.

    Not that clubbing Fobin Ricker with a shovel wouldn't benefit all mankind. I just don't want to pretend I'd be clubbing him for anything other than selfish reasons.

  7. I stopped reading Mother Jones the day they hired Kevin Drum.

    I stopped when they ran that abominable hit piece on Rachel Corrie.

  8. Oh man, that would definitely be a tournament worth watching and worth winning. Does Jack Warner still get to be prez?