Monday, April 4, 2011

Colorado 4, United 1

United never wins in Colorado, never wins at altitude, so what sting there is in the last twenty minutes of collapse has passed. I didn't expect a draw, much less a win, with a decimated backline, so disappointment is minimal. As will be this post.

Five things:

  • You can put a ten on a shirt and put the shirt on Dax McCarty but that doesn't make him a ten. It's only three games, but he's shown me shit.
  • Onstad retired for a good reason.
  • Brettscheider reminds me of - bwaha! - Taylor Twellman. Give him minutes. Hope he starts Wednesday so I can see him live and up close.
  • What the fuck has happened to Najar?
  • Either Branko can't or won't fit Olsen's system.

I'll withhold greater judgment until this coming Sunday morning. Day after tomorrow, USOC game versus Phunion in Germantown (with Planet and Seat Six and Landru and Ilse and Hamster, yay!), this Saturday night versus Gax at RFK. An 0-2 road trip is disappointing but not yet cause for anguish. An 0-2 homestand? Uh-oh.


  1. What, I have to freaking copyright that Dax sucks cubed?

    Full disclosure: there is no Galavision in my rural Interstate Highway System hotel.

  2. It's not my money, and maybe there's no amount of reasonable loss-leader money MLS can give Corporate TV so they'll let MLS stream Corporate TV broadcasts, but I hope MLS has asked because they need to be streaming their product to morons like you and me.

    No Dax Wednesday, I'm guessing. Good. Branko brace! Heh.

    Nodax. Mine.