Sunday, April 3, 2011

Which Was Perhaps Immodest of Whoever I Am

CWCF I am, it may be my imagination but it feels like the burners under the rube soup have been turned down from a rolling boil to a ready simmer in the past week. Everything's quieter. Look at the sleeping blogrolls. Maybe it's exhaustion only, a catching of breath, resting the rubes before the also resting keepers begin boiling the rubes again in reaction to what the keepers can't control, boiling the rubes to try and control the rube-response best they can.

Yes, the weekly (not) paradigm-shifting OMFG! skipped this week, but is it me or has Corporate (in its own loosely coordinated and incompetently executed way) tamped the brakes on 24-7 rube-boiling, if only to catch its own breath and reorient before deciding (in its own loosely coordinated and incompetently executed way) how best next to raid grandma's kitchen pantry for ingredients for rube soup?

The simmering weirds me out. How strange to live in a world where a reduction in my boiling causes anxiety by an ominous calming of my happily agitated molecules.


Les Murray

We were at dinner in Soho
and the couple at the next table
rose to go. The woman paused to say
to me, I just wanted you to know
I have got all your cookbooks
and I swear by them!

I managed to answer her, Ma’am
they’ve done you nothing but good!
Which was perhaps immodest
of whoever I am.


  1. RT bday blast! Gracias!

    Why do you think you hate crackers so much? Is it disproportionate to your hate for, e.g., child molesters? Rapists? Murderers?

    It reminds me a bit of Me Sainted Mum's hatred of The Jooos, my friend PD's hatred of The Blax, or my own hatred of Our Constitutional Lawyer. Just a bit, mind you... but remind it does.

  2. Shooting animals for giggles for one. Trying to regulate women's sexuality for another. Louie Gohmert and John Hagee. Their demonization of teachers. Etc.

    I've never denied I'm a bigot towards crackers and christers. I'm rereading Bagaent now to try and reach some less-hateful place. We'll see. But when that motherfucking christer burns Korans, I seethe. I'm small this way.

  3. Hey, thanks for the kind, to put it in BDR-ese.

  4. Thanks for the kind notice and linkage; I'm in your debt—as ever. I'm away on Spring Break for a week which might account for some beggal quiescence on my part. Hey, sorry about the Uniteds; that was some ass-kicking in the mile-high. Ouch.

  5. Adding another thanks for the link - and expressing my continued amazement how much online ground you manage to cover.