Sunday, April 10, 2011

United 1, Gax 1

First, read this guy then read this guy: they cover pretty much everything, saving me too much effort.

Nodax. He's Clyde Simms. United already has a Clyde Simms. One Clyde Simms on the field is an incredible asset. Two Clyde Simms on the field, especially when one is expected to ten the offense, constipates the offense. Nodax may or may not suck as a holding mid - he may be a better Clyde Simms than Clyde Simms as Clyde Simms - but Nodax SUCKS! as a ten. Sucks unto suck infinity. Sucks.

Saint Benny pulled Nodax for Boskovic and improvement was immediate, but not so much the point was deserved. I'm not ready to blaspheme Benny - he inherited a deeply shitty team, and increasing on last year's points by half will be an achievement even if it doesn't get United into MLS' shitty post-season tournament (and increasing last year's points by half is only 15, and there's four extra games this season).

But if Nodax starts over Boskovic, if Najar and Davies don't start this coming Saturday in Toronto, blasphemy stands ready.


How divers celebrate.

And United management: where are the fucking beer vendors? Why are my choices either Mexican pisswater or American pisswater? WHY ARE YOU MAKING PEOPLE STAND IN LINE TWENTY MINUTES FOR A BEER? Morons.

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