Saturday, April 9, 2011

With the Condoms Hidden in the Hatband, the Damp Cigar Between My Teeth, I Could Become the Young Man Who Always Got Sentimental

My apologies. I meant I wasn't going to post today when I said it yesterday, but when I saw that photo of women GOP House members yesterday afternoon I knew there would be no shutdown and was reminded that once all bitter fights and arguments between buddies over divvying the loot are settled, there's still the matter of the bitches, how best to use their bodies as props and levers.

Other than to note that this theater is only prelude for next year's theater (when uteruses will again be used as ploy by both teams' to appease their rabid bases while both teams collude to steal more from the middle class), Jack covers it more so I don't have to, but as long as I'm here, links, poem, song.


Lynn Emanuel

If I could see nothing but the smoke
From the tip of his cigar, I would know everything
About the years before the war.
If his face were halved by shadow I would know
This was a street where an EATS sign trembled
And a Greek served coffee black as a dog's eye.
If I could see nothing but his wrist I would know
About the slot machine and I could reconstruct
The weak chin and ruin of his youth, the summer
My father was a gypsy with oiled hair sleeping
In a Murphy bed and practicing clairvoyance.
I could fill his vast Packard with showgirls
And keep him forever among the difficult buttons
Of the bodice, among the rustling of their names,
Miss Christina, Miss Lorraine.
I could put his money in my pocket
and wearing memory's black fedora
With the condoms hidden in the hatband
The damp cigar between my teeth,
I could become the young man who always got sentimental
About London especially in Las Vegas with its single bridge­-
So ridiculously tender--leaning across the river
To watch the starlight's soft explosions.
If I could trace the two veins that crossed
His temple, I would know what drove him
To this godforsaken place, I would keep him forever
Remote from war--like the come-hither tip of his lit cigar
Or the harvest moon, that gold planet, remote and pure


  1. Link thanks!

    All of what you say is true, which proves the need for better Democrat leprechauns.

    Re: State's communication non-breakdown. Jack's comment jogged my bad memory. Dude came in the other day to check out his ILL stuff, didn't have a plastic ID card, but did show us his Facebook page on his iPhone to prove it was him. I imagine this vague comedy will occur with much more frequency.