Saturday, May 21, 2011

Find My Navel So That It Will Exist

More Planet pieces and then I will stop. She had prom last night, graduates a week from Tuesday, so won't have access to a kiln until August at K, so no more until December and what she brings home. Sorry for the shittier quality of the photos - I can't find the portfolio these are in on the pc, so I took photos just now. 

Once I start a bleggalgaze I need finish it. K asks me, you have how many active blogs? and I say it depends what you mean by active but I say three, the one you know, the one I do drafts on so if I fuck up and hit publish instead of saved the fuck-up doesn't speed-feed, a third I originally set up to write about blogging (it does fascinate me) but I've ended up in a doublefucking bleggalgazing loop, not a bad thing, just not what I had intended.

I listened again last night to Kate Bush's latest where she reworks songs already hard-wired in my brain, and, while it disturbs me down to the marrow level I can't help hehhing at how great a Lord irony is, me a blegger who earns his pings singing the same song differently today than yesterday complaining about reworking.


George Oppen

Chorus (androgynous): 'Find me
So that I will exist, find my navel
So that it will exist, find my nipples
So that they will exist, find every hair
Of my belly, I am good (or I am bad),
Find me.'


  1. I love catching you out on reading comprehension (but only because it's such a rarity, a once in n bbbbillions bug in the information processing whangstplex that is you).

    Stadium/Armory will be closed NEXT weekend, and I'm pretty sure not many people will be riding the blue line to Portland.

    Randy Savage: GNNNNNNGHHHH!

  2. American Pastoral is an exception to a long career of wanking. Not enough to forgive him for the rest tyvm. Also Planet's stuff totally rawks. That third piece reminds me of most of the men I work with. A bit creepy that.

  3. You are walking a blogging möbius.

    Link thanks! One local suburb lost American Greetings to another local suburb, but maybe they can settle for their own Abortionplex.

  4. Oopsy acknowledged and noted above in post's body, though I'd love to take the Blue Line to next week's game in Portland.

    Reading Roth almost always felt like obligatory work for me. I believed I was required to read him. I rarely enjoyed it. And I'll pass on the kind words to Planet. Thanks.

    Randal, change the l in walking to n and the m in möbius to r!

  5. Roth's a snobby dumbass, said the guy who's never read him.

  6. I wish I could take the subway to D.C. and back.