Sunday, May 22, 2011

No Stupid Bird Threatens to Dissolve Me If I Forget My Species in the Official Questionnaire

Imagine you're a thirteen year old kid and your zealot progressive parents have been telling you that the Democrats and President Obama will abandon their good faith attempts at bipartisanship and render the force of their true progressive will on America at 6:00 PM EDT May 21, 2011 and sweep away (peacefully, without enforced famines, gulags, and killing fields) recalcitrant pigs and sway the minds of crackers, ushering in a .06% more blissful world where we're not reminded so much daily of the bloody mechanics of empire.

What, no? Think how we judge each other here in Stringtown Blegsylvania, by the level of superstitious and disqualifying taint we fart, who we deem worthy or unworthy, who deems us worthy or unworthy, dependent on our dogma(-n)s.

What's worse if you're a fucked-up thirteen year old kid with parents fucked-up for Cracker Jesus, that you didn't die and go to heaven or that God just told you you don't deserve heaven - I can type sentences like that all fucking day. Sheeyit, my faith was shaken by the latest Kate Bush release, who the fuck am I to talk.


Paul Otremba

I don't think they'll find the new weaving
anywhere finer than truth.

—Osip Mandelstam

I've tried to sift a truth finer than salt
from my mouth. It matters: I get up

or I do not. The books can wait, leaves
burn themselves these days, and the day

begins or it does not. Now wingless,
a wasp masquerading as the sun crawlsa harmless razor—across the backlit
curtain. No city trembles on the verge

of the sea. No stupid bird threatens
to dissolve me if I forget my species

in the official questionnaire. I could
put my ten bureaucrats to their task.

The dusting and polishing. There's a point,
a mirror for me to enumerate my teeth.

Beyond these walls, there's only the snowed-in
field, an egg just opened but empty.


  1. Thanks for the kind!

    It's been a while since I bitched at the WaPoop (I tend to get more interest when I put nature pics on my blog, and it's better for my blood pressure), but Hiatt and company disgraced themselves as usual, re Bibi/Obie wan Kenhopey.

    Maybe I'll just go for a walk instead.

  2. Since there's a Cracker Jesus, does this mean there's a Kate Bush Jesus, or a Blogging Jesus? I think I still prefer Dr. Zoidberg Jesus.

  3. Yes, because a hypothetical that never happened and has always happened is EXACTLY the fucking same as the media plugging the fucking idiotic rapture story. If false equivalence were gold, your days at Hilltop would come to a rapturous end.

    And props to Randal.