Tuesday, May 3, 2011

I Have Even Forgotten His Name, That Messenger Who Came to Me with Tablespoons of Blue Lentils

So much for my manic good mood. If expanding the panopticon and routinizng torture aren't working it's proof there's not enough, if expanded panopticon and routinized torture work it's proof we need more.


Gerald Stern

Of all sixty of us I am the only one who went 
to the four corners though I don't say it
out of pride but more like a type of regret,
and I did it because there was no one I truly believed 
in though once when I climbed the hill in Skye
and arrived at the rough tables I saw the only other
elder who was a vegetarian--in Scotland--
and visited Orwell and rode a small motorcycle
to get from place to place; and I immediately
stopped eating fish and meat and lived on soups;
and we wrote each other in the middle and late fifties
though one day I got a letter from his daughter
that he had died in an accident; he was
I'm sure of it, an angel who flew in midair
with one eternal gospel to proclaim
to those inhabiting the earth and every nation;
and now that I go through my papers every day
I search and search for his letters but to my shame 
I have even forgotten his name, that messenger
who came to me with tablespoons of blue lentils.


  1. Ahh, Juana Molina. Once again you've redirected my listening plans for the day.

    What the heck is Fleabus in? Is he going from one spaceship to another?

  2. You can thank Julianna Barwick for Juana - a song of hers reminded me of a song of hers.

    She's in a clothes-hamper. Best cat ever.

  3. And here I thought your cat lived in an ice cave. Still not used to the blue, you disrupted part of the routine, dammit.

    Wonder what the over/under is on histrionic complaints to the ref today, 20, 40, 178?

  4. Great find re: sparagmos. Guy's right, you know.

    Thanks for the link love!

  5. If they don't rename it!

    Keep an eye out for the trees (and thanks for the link).