Thursday, May 5, 2011

United 2, Seattle 1

Bill Hamid, if he continues his trajectory, will be competing for the top keeper spot for USMNT for WC14. He can be that good. Without Hamid - and without Seattle's sucky inability to finish - United loses last night by five.

Yes, the offense was better and the two goals were beautiful (and all I ask for in life are beautiful goals in the run of play) and Najar looked great offensively (oh, if that one shot hadn't hit post that sequence would be in endless reruns), but don't mistake Seattle's one goal - and that on a dubious PK called on a dive by the despicable Freddy Montero - as a result of better United defense, because no. Look at the shots Hamid saved, the shots Seattle gacked. Kitchen may or not be all that's promised someday, but he's lost and over his head now, whether in center or, as last night, on the right. White may or not be all that's promised, but he's lost and over his head now. Facundo Jakovic is just erpen reincarnated.

It's not just the back - Nodax sucking isn't news (though the second half was his best 45 minutes of the season), but the sudden diminishing of Simms is shocking - he looks ten pounds fat and half a second slow and one poorly timed lunge from a two-month hammy. Pontius hustles but is always out of position, and when Fredsux is sent on for midfield defensive reinforcement, that speaks to how disinterested and ineffective Najar is in tracking back. Watch that video again and note how often Najar is the player beaten when Hamid is making a save or Seattle is gacking.

Sure, I'm reverse taunting. Good happened - three points worth. Seattle is the softest of the three in this homestand, and a fuller evaluation need wait for after this Saturday v Dallas and the following Saturday v Colorado - when I hope people show up! I saw NOBODY last night but that asshole hipster pig who sits in seat one in our row, not mine (who were out on business), not John or Skip or that creepy guy named Andy who looks vaguely like Harry Shearer who's in the row in front of us or any other good guy 232ers, not even that Belgian couple in 300 behind us. Yes, a midweek game in May, but what the fuck? Can't claim hockey game again, yo.


  1. I appreciate the commentary about the fans or lack of same, BDR. That made me laugh!

  2. I swear I saw you in the final swipe of the camera over Loud Side! Sitting here in my bedroom in Michigan, watching on my computer, I exclaimed to my wife "Blackdogred!" So.

    I thought Kitchen looked better than you did - played much more neatly in possession than Zayner or Korb. Seattle played very narrow throughout the game, so the fullbacks weren't as horribly exposed on the flank. I thought the kid's centerback experience showed when he was tracking runners in the channel.

    I'm not a United supporter, y'know; I love the team at one remove. From arm's length, then, at least promising.

  3. Now Hamid knows how Neuer feels.