Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Orbiting in the Void that Follows After Happiness

A truly wonderful day with Earthgirl, my parents, my brother SeatSix, and this guy at incredible Planet's graduation (and excellent dinner with a favorite aunt afterwards).

As for yesterday morning's despondency, once we engaged with the event Planet's lungs ached less and my back unseized and Earthgirl's grieving evaporated.

That's it for today. Got home around eight, had no urge - felt no obligation - to aargh-bait or bleggalgaze or otherwise confront my complicity. All will return tomorrow, probably, Friday is the latest I believe I could keep from scratching, and when it does return it will include the poem that contains this post's title.


  1. Congratulations to everyone!

  2. That's it for today.

    Nothing more is needed...Congrats!

  3. Bread dish on the left.

  4. Actually, this guy setting up tables for other diners after our host proclaimed two minutes earlier she was the only patron who got to use that room is a life memory. Was fun!

  5. Maybe Planet could guest post her valediction thoughts, along with some more Fleabus pics (esp. Fleabus in a cap and gown kind of thing like such: )


    Best to you and yours!
    Jim H.

  6. Seatsix, that only works if he wears the labelled shoes.