Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Sunk Home, the True Key Slots to Its Matrix

I won't post here what's ignited my moleskine because I need and want to protect multiple parties' privacy. I can say entirely new galaxies in which to matrix my own complicity have been discovered, none of them good, all of them irresistibly juicy.

Hey! Look what Creamy brought us!

Walked to the door and dropped it. She loves us. She was at the party Sunday too.

Holyfuck! Look what I just found looking to complete a joke in links:


Robin Robertson

The slow-grained slide to embed the blade 
of the key is a sheathing,
a gliding on graphite, pushing inside
to find the ribs of the lock.

Sunk home, the true key slots to its matrix;
geared, tight-fitting, they turn
together, shooting the spring-lock,
throwing the bolt. Dactyls, iambics--

the clinch of words--the hidden couplings
in the cased machine. A chime of sound
on sound: the way the sung note snibs on meaning

and holds. The lines engage and marry now,
their bells are keeping time;
the church doors close and open underground.


  1. I was going to glibly suggest that as regards your opening paragraph that you're in fact Weiner, but I should probably consult my Council of Wisdom before making any such accusation.

  2. Westerberg's "Runaway Wind" from 14 is one of my desert island songs. Full Stop. The leonine guitar growls and purrs, then howls and chimes. The lyrics aspire to the sort of poetry popular music has long since abandoned. And the passionate delivery—it's not your everyday ballad. I've long wanted to put it up on my site, but can't find a version. "C'mon I feel I'm going out tonight. I'm your spark; here I am."

    RG: Are you saying BDR been drawing pics of his manhood in his moleskine and showing it around old school style? He sort of doesn't deny it. Heh! I must confess my complicity in this sordid affair: his moleskine account may have been set up by me. Hey, you librarians are a sordid lot! No telling what y'all'll do next. All the better.

    BDR: Thanks for looking in on yours truly. Check it out. For reals.