Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Come for the Festival, Have Ye?

No, no, no. Red Hour is tomorrow.


  1. *snort*

    Have I told you that we're watching the whole original series with Databoy? It's fascinating on several levels. I think we'll do that one tomorrow. Y'know. For his birthday.

  2. The whole series? Say hi to your sister-in-law for me.

  3. When we get to whatisbrain, sure. Still in the first season, broadcast order. We'll have to jump ahead a few episodes to do the right thing tomorrow, but no big deal. Last night, "Conscience of the King." Tonight, "Shore Leave" (we got the order messed up and already watched "Balance of Terror" because "The Menagerie" is long and this can't fuck with bedtime). It's all really quite awesome, so many years later.

    Best part? She-Nurse of the SS is coming over tomorrow. She hates Star Trek. Heh.