Wednesday, July 13, 2011

When I Finally Took Power in the Nomenclature, Simply by Outlasting My Rivals, Never Arriving Early or Too Late at the Meetings, Repertoire of Sage Nods, My Mind Had Distanced Itself from the World

Do you need any more proof Corporate wants Obama reelected than this:

  • Next month Obama would receive approval to raise the debt ceiling $700 billion.
  • A "resolution of disapproval" would then be taken up by Congress on an expedited basis (i.e., no filibusters allowed).
  • If the resolution passes, Obama can veto it.
  • If he vetoes it, it requires a two-thirds vote of both houses to override.
  • If there's no override, the debt limit is increased, but Obama would be required to lay out a "hypothetical" set of budget cuts totalling $700 billion.
  • This would be repeated (in $900 billion increments) in the fall of 2011 and summer of 2012.

The GOP Branch Office of Corporate can't be this stupid on purpose, proposing this transparently cynical plan just two hours after Obamadick told you no catfood for you in August, the motherf.....

Look who's fifty-one! today!

Aarp! Aarp! Aarp!

I was going to obsessively whine about my complicity and then bleggalgaze morosely, but instead I got you kittens! I'll drop them off Saturday.


D. Nurkse

When I finally took power in the Nomenclature, simply by outlasting my rivals, never arriving early or too late at the meetings, repertoire of sage nods, my mind had distanced itself from the world. I no longer knew to whom I was talking, or the topic, though I was certain of myself. Hunger and desire lasted, savage as in boyhood. It was the names that flew away, leaving a maze of empty nests.
     I had devoted myself to the constellation of slights, shades of loyalty... now the maps rolled in front of me - a gesture of traditionalism, they could easily be projected - and the pincer movements of the army conveyed by pushpins.
     What army? What remote border? Who are the fat or excessively thin men in visored caps waiting for me to speak? Who is the soft-lipped stenographer?
     So the great victory was won, the Visigoths or Aleuts turned back, the Nile and Ganges were dammed, and my name is carved into the plinth of the statue by a mason who works so slowly... a tap at dawn, a tap at dusk: is he dreaming of home?


  1. I would have been shamefull, not shameless. But he doesn't have the equipment to fuck a pig.

  2. Can you live stream the match at work?

  3. HR bots will destroy your soul if you load ESPN3? Bastards!

    You can take my future loot, masters, but you better not take my slacking at work, that only leads to postalism.

  4. The "police state" link takes you to the "try it before you buy it" link.

  5. For a long time, work wound't let me look at Sadly, No!

    Then it did. Then, sadly, no work!

  6. Also. You clearly need a smart phone that will let you watch AND track any damn sporting event. Seriously dood. Priorities!!!

  7. Gah, I'm in a warehouse facility in Upper Marlboro. Can't fix link or c/p to Gah! or watch soccer game. I've tried telling someone I need an iPad but am told no, I have to put our daughter through college first.

    (Was able to fix the typo and post to GAH! for those of you who hate the noxzema bottle blue, but can't find the link to police state at the moment, but it had to do with police now using facial recognition technology. Sorry)

    I'm in a warehouse facility in Upper Marlboro and I'M BORED OUT OF MY FUCKING BRAIN! and they're coming back into the conference room, I gotta run, save me!

  8. You're with librarinas and I'm not. As fond as I am of shaddenfrood, though, that's not nearly as cool a gift as all of the music being for me.

    I wonder if Kim Kane made it to retirement in MCPS.

    Weepy thanks and love to all.

  9. Franklin's plus Slickees equals _____________.

    I always used to imagine Mark Noone was a pen-name like Mark Twain and that it meant, "Mark no one (for death)." Probably, though, it's just his last name. And look at him in that tuxedo!

  10. France looks good, Mr. Red. The US is showing exhaustion and discombobulation.

  11. Heh. The Japanese ending looking good and being good.

  12. BDR,

    If you get a moment, can you explain to a mostly novice why FIFA's qualifiers result in 13 teams from Europe, but only 5 for Africa, 4.5 for Asia, 3.5 for North/Central America, perhaps 1 from Oceania, and 4.5 for South America?

    (Men's world cup, 2014)

  13. I haven't tried it but I am given to understand that you can surf the web and update your bloggy thing from your Kindle, ungainly though it may be.

  14. Jack, it think its for the $ame dynamic$ that re$ulted in Qatar $coring the 22WC.

    I think those are the same numbers from 2010. And remember, to FIFA, Armenia and Kazakhstan and Israel are in Europe but Iran and Iraq aren't.

    I can find a wifi function of the kindle for downloading but not access the collective, though I confess I'm a tech dope. There was a more expensive kindle that might have that functionality.