Thursday, July 28, 2011

Finally, Good News! (UPDATED!)

Stubborn, unimaginative, cautious, dull, goodbye.

Bob Bradley signed on for a second cycle as U.S. national team head coach a little less than a year ago, but that term has prematurely come to a close.

Bradley has been relieved of his duties, the U.S. Soccer Federation announced on Thursday. The decision to let Bradley go comes after a meeting at the Home Depot Center in Carson, Calif., between Bradley, federation president Sunil Gulati, and U.S. Soccer CEO Dan Flynn.

No ideas on who should replace him, just glad he's gone, especially this early into the next World Cup timetable, especially with so much youth needing development.

Today's a High Holy Day, but between today's early arrgh and this sudden good news - I was about to post the tribute when the Bradley news broke - his birthday will be celebrated in tomorrow's post, though don't confuse that birthday with Saturday's High Holy Day.


Cause and effect. Thanks!


A list of potential replacements! which includes the guy above!

  • Freddy Adu -- Staying with the player/coach theme, now that The Adu is back, just put him in charge of everything. He has a good 45 years of experience in the game at this point.
  • Abby Wambach -- Maybe it's time someone from the more successful women's side shows the U.S. men how it's done. She's already been named player/coach for her WPS team. Natural progression.
  • Chicharito -- Just to make some heads explode. Also because he can score more from the touchline than most USMNT players can from inside the box.
  • Rafa Benitez -- He's been unemployed for a while now, so someone has to take pity on him. Plus, not having to go against Alex Ferguson will make him 87 percent more sane. FACT.
  • Timber Joey -- Hey, he has a chainsaw.
  • Maradona -- You know you want it.

USSF doesn't have to decide tomorrow. That's the MAJOR BENEFIT of firing Bob Bradley now.

I wonder what Michael Bradley is thinking.


  1. Ha!

    Let's see how happy you are when RICK SANTORUM is anointed as new 'head coach'.

  2. I love the me idea. What the fuck ever, yanno?

    I am curious as to who will be bossing the team when I see them in Philly in two weeks, but yeah, no rush, really.

    Thunder: if a frothy mix doesn't well describe the present state of affairs, I don't know what does.

  3. El Diego! Now the city can put at least one of these abandoned warehouses to good use and open up a Church of Maradona parish.