Wednesday, August 10, 2011

After the Hammering of So Much Insistence on the Need for Naming After the Travesties that Passed as Faces

This bit was going to be this post's lead, though better, smarter, archer than it was when I mishit publish, with keen and acerbic insights into celebrity pwogglism and the pwoggles that love them, but by the sillyass and bogus Bleggal Code of Ethics I live by I could not unblog the post once it fed into the feeds, so today instead:

That's Stanley above and Rose below. Why Stanley and Rose? Elkin (one of my favorite novelists) and Tremain (one of Earthgirl's). We felt morally obligated to name them something at some point but never felt strongly about any other names, which is another sign of the strange days, my need to claim naming rights as strong as anyone else's usually.

The only two animals I've owned with Earthgirl whom I insisted on naming are Fleabus and Frank the Assassin (sorry, the photo's gone, picture a healthy golden retriever in a dog food commercial), but once Archer and Loaf were shot down I bitchlessly gave up any stakes in their names. I like Archer for multiple reasons, but not enough to insist to two noes.

Actually, now that I think about it, I'm going to go home, go out to dinner to whatever restaurant Planet chooses (Planet is back from Michigan: Yay! I drive her to college in nine days: Holyfuckingshit!) and present the case for Archer again. I'm going to ask please forcefully then ask please whiningly then accept the cat's name if not Archer is Stanley and go home and play with him (and Rose).


Amy Clampett

at stone at dawn
cold water in the basin
these wall's rough plaster
after the hammering
of so much insistence
on the need for naming
after the travesties
that passed as faces,
grace: the unction
of sheer nonexistence
upwelling in this
hyacinthine freshet
of the unnamed
the faceless


  1. You still have Beth and Esda available for future felines.

  2. Kind of shocked you didn't push for Benolsen.

  3. Such a benevolent negotiator and pleader, almost Obama-ish, if I may say so, w/r/t to feline naming.

    Due where due: Fleabus is one of the best names ever.

    Now, let me get this straight: bleggal ethics means not ever revising a piece? Is that b/c of doubling up on e-readers? Or just accepting one's mistakes and moving on.

  4. In this case, bleggal ethics involves not pulling down a post once I've fed it into the feeders and readers. It's not ethics but lassitude that killed any follow-up beyond what I did today.

    I revise and edit (though not rewrite or alter point) posts all the time, this one twice already.

    As for Fleabus, when we got her she literally *was* a flea bus.

  5. Poor Fleabus. So totally passe, submerged by the cuteness of the new orphans. Eviscerate them, Fleabus. It's the natural order of things.

    Randal, it would be Saintbennyolsen, which is kinda long; awful lot of syllables for a cat. Although Benny and Saint prolly would have been cool. Although given my now-official position that these cats should be toys for Fleabus, I'm thinking maybe Terryfucking and Vaughn would be best.