Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Primary Actor

Having stated I will give a $100 just for the giggles to anyone who mounts a legitimate, as in on my ballot, primary challenge to Obamadick from the left, here's who Michael Moore says should run:

I've, um, never seen a movie with Matt Damon in it that I can recall - wait, wasn't he in some sillyass movie about a shitty poetry teacher that starred Mork?

And, um, I'm never going to need part with that $100.

And, um, yes, I did mean to hit save draft towards a future post, not publish it as a stand alone, so: gah.


  1. I'm trying to think of a movie that starred three con-persons, and one of them (not the male or female lead) relentlessly chewed the scenery.

    I thought it was Grifters, but that doesn't seem to be it...unless there's someone (male co-star) all the internet summaries leave out.

    Anyways, his signature line is, "I"ve always got to have that edge", in spite of the fact that "the edge" always eventually leaves him beaten and broke.

    Ring any bells, people?

  2. Um, Matt Damon, it turns out, is a pretty decent actor. The Departed is excellent as are the Bourne movies.