Thursday, August 18, 2011

Black Sleeps, Gold Burns

Why don't you go back to school, asked D, talking about Planet's going to college at Thursday Night Pints, moved to Wednesday at my request. It's easy to say, I said, that I can't afford it. I've used up all my tuition benefits here. Even with the generous tuition benefits I get for Planet I couldn't afford Maryland w/in-state until Planet graduates from college. You've ins, said L, free tickets. Maybe, I said, but I don't think so. I don't know people or they know me like before, and more importantly, I don't want to, at least not now. Go back to school, said D. Go back to school, said L. Maybe I'll see if I can audit something in the Spring, I said, to remind myself how fat and out of shape I am academically, which at least changed the subject.

How's blogging, asked K. I remember why I never wanted to be class president, I said, and I got free pints not for that but because my friends are nice.

Hey! Did you know Washington DC has a professional soccer team?

It's true! and (that photo of Chris Pontius makes me think of Amanda!) they play in Chicago tonight, a game I'll watch after we get home from Planet's farewell dinner with my parents, my brother SeatSix, Landru and Ilse, and hopefully this guy:

  • Daily Gaddis: - your friend Laughing Lazarus will be here in just a minute, but listen kids. Here's one real confidential question I want to ask you first, just between us. Do you have enough brothers and sisters? I know, you love your big brother or little Janey, don't you. But too many can spoil your chances. Look at it his way. When you have pie for dessert, how many ways does it have to be divided up? Do you get your share? If you have enough brothers and sisters, or even if you don't have any and don't want any, tell Mummy about Cuff. Cuff, the new wonder preventative. Cuff is guaranteed not to damage internal tissues of have lasting effects. But you don't have to remember all those long words, just tell Mummy to ask about Cuff next time she visits her friendly neighborhood druggist. Remember, Cuff. It's on the Cuff.
  • Buy a Micronesian island w/no extradition treaties with the U.S.
  • Odd days when my old trope of Micronesian islands not buying themselves becomes real.
  • On the above.
  • It does bear remembering that they will only bank and hold residency there, they will destroy the world before they'd live there.
  • Motherfucking christers.
  • The UK riots and the coming global war.
  • Moral covalence.
  • Obamadick and the Left. And get a load of this update: I should add that there are plenty of signs lately that the White House is gearing up to show the kind of fight the left is hoping to see. Sucker.
  • Robert Reich is profoundly stupid.
  • Bleggalgazing!
  • Bleggalgazing!
  • The Fugitive Guy
  • I'd root for any team to beat motherfucking Madrid.
  • White dwarf (not dorf).
  • This shitty blog's official Bleggalgazing Anthem:


Muriel Rukesyer

Deeper than sleep but not so deep as death
I lay there dreaming and my magic head
remembered and forgot. On first cry I
remembered and forgot and did believe.
I knew love and I knew evil:
woke to the burning song and the tree burning blind,
despair of our days and the calm milk-giver who
knows sleep, knows growth, the sex of fire and grass,
renewal of all waters and the time of the stars
and the black snake with gold bones.
Black sleeps, gold burns; on second cry I woke
fully and gave to feed and fed on feeding.
Gold seed, green pain, my wizards in the earth
walked through the house, black in the morning dark.
Shadows grew in my veins, my bright belief,
my head of dreams deeper than night and sleep.
Voices of all black animals crying to drink,
cries of all birth arise, simple as we,
found in the leaves, in clouds and dark, in dream,
deep as this hour, ready again to sleep.


  1. Going to class isn't for learning, but doodling.

    Fucking hell, fuck Madrid, & Special Jose, though entertainment kudos for the ear-pulling, that's a new one.

  2. Does U of Md have a class warfare class?

    P.S. Note to Obama: blame FireDogLake for this, as long as you're at it.

    09:45 am : Stocks are getting dumped. The aggressiveness of the sell-off has left the S&P 500 down more than 3%.

    As is currently the case in Europe, financials are in the worst shape. The sector has slumped to a loss of more than 4% as shares of diversified financial services and bank stocks like Bank of America (BAC 6.83, -0.63) and Citigroup (C 27.16, -2.69) slump.

    And after all you and Timmeh have done for them, too.

  3. You. Have stepped over a personal line. Reich? He has the cover of my lust so he can't be profoundly stupid.

    Anthony Bourdain too.

  4. Isn't "this guy" in the pic Mark Linkous from the Sparklehorse vid? I could be wrong. Wouldn't be the first time.

    Be on alert: a gauntlet will be flung upcoming @ WoW. Shots of Balvenie or other ridiculously priced Scotch will ride.

    Go the VW Uniteds!