Tuesday, August 23, 2011

In Which I Briefly Entertain for the First Time in Decades the Possibility of a Just God and His Righteous Vengeance

This yesterday, earthquake today. Coincidence or divine warning?

UPDATE! God's real target.


  1. Was just coming over to "didja feel it?" at you.

  2. Was microwaving lunch in the staff lounge when it hit. This being DC, my first thought was an explosion, but quickly knew is was a quake. Second in just over a year, this one much stronger than July 2010's.

    This is mean and catty, but watching/listening to one of the bigger assholes in the building scream like a teenage girl in a slasher movie made my day. I'm small this way.

  3. Hmm. I guess I missed it all. If the Washington Post wasn't destroyed, I question God's aim.

  4. Being less than a mile from the Capitol my first thought was a bomb. Glad it wasn't. Those pics perfectly capture the day -- people standing around and tons of traffic. Nice weather though.

  5. What a fucking metropolis of abject fucking retards. Now that cats have finished sodomizing dogs* and the flash mobs of brown people have finished looting and killing and ravishing our women and 7-11s after somehow overcoming every fucking cell phone in the metroplex being activated at the same time to organize their nefarious deeds, it all seems pretty fucking silly in retrospect. Perhaps in a day or three the local villagers can get back to pants-shitting over the upcoming 9/11 anniversary.

    Though there's already a story on WTOP connecting the earthquake and the anniversary, and urging us to shit our pants messier over the non-connection.

    Fucking wankers.

    *Because, of course, we here will spare no effort to proclaim the sanctity and superiority of cats, right? Hump faster, kitties.

  6. Also: as blindingly attractive as you Terp uni theory is, I think the science will back Wonkette's Cantor Theory in the end.