Monday, August 22, 2011

My Daughter Cried Her Tears; I Held Some Ice Against Her Lip. That Was the End of It

She's there, we're here, incident free on the Turnpike. She woke up this morning, freaked a bit, she'll be fine. We woke up this morning, freaked a bit, we'll be fine.

The cuddle-slut orange cat of Middle Path. No collar, but sweet and well-fed.

Regular programming resumes tomorrow, though don't even imagine you've heard the last of this, but since these posts have driven away all who come here but you who know this and come back anyway, you know this. And thank you.

Also, I scored this excellent K hat. And the post's title from this.


  1. Damn, the title for this post kills me. Welcome home. Well done.

  2. Stiff upper lip and all that, old chap.

  3. My parents were glad when we left the house (of course, we were numerous).

  4. Looks like you guys were ready to invade the Duchy of Burgundy.