Monday, August 22, 2011

Kansas City 1, United 0

Didn't see it - was on the Turnpike. All I know is United wore for the last time this season and, if we're lucky and Lord Etcheverry blesses us, for THE LAST FUCKING TIME IN THE REMAINING EONS OF OUR UNIVERSE,  those FUCKAWFUL! red FUCKAWFUL! kits. Jeebusfuck, they're FUCKAWFUL!

Reading this, it sounds like St Benny sacrificed this game for the sake of the remaining season, which wouldn't bother me that much if St Benny hadn't sacrificed last Wednesday's game for the sake of this one.

Gah. Here, read this and this. More later if I see them. Or not.

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  1. A poor playing surface, ravaged by the Farm Aid concert last weekend, didn’t help matters

    Playing Surface Libel!