Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Those Fleas that Escaped Earth and Fire Died by the Cold

OK, I was asked (offline), so I'll play: Perry/Bachmann are POTUS/VPOTUS-elect, the GOP won control of the Senate too, already owning a majority of governorships and statehouses, already owning the majority of judicial appointees, and it's the first Wednesday of November 2012. Who's the Democratic front-runner for POTUS 2016?

Harry Redknapp's as good as any * (and a fool if he doesn't sell Modric).

Still, Corporate, Democratic Division, comprehensively defeated in intramural shepherding in 2012, who leads the brand back to 2008's sales numbers * ?

Antiheh. Mind, I still think Obama is reelected - so much more can be achieved with a Republican House and Republican Senate and a majority of governorships and statehouses held by Republicans and a majority of the judiciary Republican and a Democratic president than a Republican president - but it is beyond my imagination to conceive Democrats rebranding (and a Republican president is Democrats' only hope for rebranding).

Joke. Democrats will rebrand - Perry/Bachmann 2012 is the 2016 Dem ticket.

  • Lose. Every. Fucking. Game. Forever. Amen.
  • Daily Gaddis: - If I'm going to be a dog I want to be something I like. He took a temperate sip of his small beer, and turned to the plate glass. The wind had gone down, and the snow continued to fall. - Do you think the sum will ever shine again? he asked no one.
  • Arthur, Arthur
  • Vow.
  • White flag.
  • Flown.
  • Cloak.
  • HOLYFUCK! Live Juliana Barwick.


William Carlos Williams

It was an icy day.
We buried the cat,
then took her box
and set fire to it

in the back yard.
Those fleas that escaped
earth and fire
died by the cold.


  1. thanks for the link. my spleen is vented for now.

  2. I find fish to be most efficacious.

    I think you're asking the wrong question about total christer control in 2012. I'm not sure what the right question is, though, but I'm pretty sure it involves Canada.

    I knew before I looked that my usual seating at Gary Williams' BigBank Turf at Curlybird's Bigass Cable Monopoly Stadium at the University of Midatlantic Agriculture and Highfalutin' Engineerin' would be in the yellow section. Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck that noise.

  3. I say Russ Feingold '16, if he's willing to hug enough bankers. Feingold would be valuable as a measure of co-opting optics. Just like converting Kucinich's 'no' vote on the Healthcare Reform Will Get You Act of 2010 was valuable, lest some normals furrow their brows and try to figure out why a lefty would oppose it. They needed Dennis K's vote, if not mathematically, then thematically.

  4. [Randal's not commenting today as his head's not right]