Friday, September 30, 2011

Chester 3, United 2

I really don't mean to dump all this on Clyde Simms, but midfield defense is this team's major weakness and Clyde Simms in defensive holding mid the prime suspect. It's true that it was collectively Brandon McDonald's and Ethan White's worse night in central defense in recent memory, but those balls over the top to the feet of phucking Le Toux came from wide open Chester midfielders who consistently beat United's forward midfielders to 50-50 balls with more than enough time to pinpoint passes and Simms and King don't have the wheels and chops to backtrack in support. This is how teams have attacked United all year. St Benny knows this, but he has no other options. Baal bless Clyde Simms for his years of service, but Perry Kitchen (or somebody) is next year's holding mid.

Good, exciting, fun-to-watch game. Najar had a sitter on his forehead and gacked it. United could have quit and didn't. Not a devastating or demoralizing loss though it makes this Sunday afternoon's game at Columbus - we're going to be watching it at my house before we go see Bonny Prince Billy, you who know how to get there are welcome to join us - that much more important. It's going to be fun hating Chester, hopefully, fuck-me-jig, for decades to come. Fuck Peter Nowak, I hated that motherphucker when he was United's coach.


  1. On the subject of "fuck-me-jig," Goff dropped a pretty strong hint on twitter last night that something is actually happening. Nothing new from the nugget at the end of his RSL gamer, but the fact that he said it at all is mildly noteworthy.

    "@SoccerInsider Philly supporters chanting at visiting #dcu fans, "Baltimore United!" Should change it to "Buzzard Point United" ;-)"

  2. Yeah, I saw that stupid-ass bus-prop the phucking Chester fans had. And that's as much as I jinx this.

  3. That bus/van thing would annoy me from any team's fans, but from a bunch of turncoat United fans, it is goddamn infuriating.

  4. The simple, deafening, and argument-ending response is, as our host implies, "Chester Union." I whipped it out at the Plex in March, and it not only shut them down, it cracked them up.

    I'm not arguing with you about Clyde being cooked, although I do take issue with hanging the whole season on him, as you have gradually been doing since...hmm...May or June, maybe earlier.

    But the winning goal was all Ethan White, no bones about it.

  5. It's not so much Clyde as the whole defensive work of the midfield, irony being in last night's opponent the coach and the ghost of Josh Gros who insisted on midfielders defending first.

    And it's a credit to how dependably good Clyde *was* that his increasing geriatric liabilities are so apparent.

    But yes, I was remiss to forget to note your trademark.