Sunday, September 25, 2011

United 4, Salt Lake 1


What's this? Fuck-Me-Jig? Well, fuck-me-jig (for those who are new here: I will do a fuck-me-jig and post it via youtube when I'm standing in front of my seat in a new stadium in DC - not Baltimore; DC), of far more immediate impact was St Benny of Olsen benching Davies and Quaranta and Woolard.

If anyone has to sing the anthem, Stu the K.

Highlights here. All I ask for are beautiful goals and primal screams.

Oh! interesting post-game conversation/confrontation between St Benny and Clyde Simms. Imagined transcript - Clyde: Still can! Benny: Sorry, you can't.

Road games Thursday in Philly and Sunday in Columbus, it's not hyperbole to call this the most important week of the season since the last until the next.


  1. Too much. I gotta respond over at my place. Yay for blogwhoring!

  2. I forgot to address your fuck-me jig. It really was interesting how involved Mr. Chang was in the post-game festivities, ne c'est pas?