Monday, October 24, 2011

Born Ninety-Seven Years Ago Tomorrow

Because I am so desperate to break out of my deepest, most severe reading slump of the past five years since the last until the next (I'm stuck on page 737 of Gaddis' The Recognitions, I can't get past page ten of Crawford's The Log of the SS The Mrs Unguentine, I stuck on page 201 of Elkin's George Mills, page 114 of Harvey's Enigma of Capitalism, page 309 of Grossman's Life and Fate, page 175 of Eliot's Mill on the Floss, and past the fifteenth Devotion in Bruce Smith's new book of poems), so much do I want to break out of this reading slump that when I remembered tomorrow is John Berryman's birthday I grabbed the Dream Songs from my cubicle's shelf and found my favorite and, searching to find it on the web to c/p, found the above youtube, and shazam, it probably won't break the slump (but waiting until tomorrow won't either), so here it is now. More, maybe on the slump if I honor the what the fuck (though this might do), tomorrow, certainly more Berryman.

UPDATE! Here to the rescue!

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