Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The Theft and Vandalism Were Our Own

Divine was born sixty-six years ago today. There's a reason I give all praise and awe to Serendipity, Serendipity again providing the perfect trope for the particular day, plus I'm busy, burned-out, stuff to do before tonight's game - the ticket is still available (game is at 800, not 730, btw, and you must let me know by 200) - so for today just links, poem, music, and this:


W.D. Snodgrass

As we drove back, crossing the hill,
The house still
Hidden in the trees, I always thought—
A fool’s fear—that it might have caught   
Fire, someone could have broken in.   
As if things must have been
Too good here. Still, we always found   
It locked tight, safe and sound.

I mentioned that, once, as a joke;   
No doubt we spoke
Of the absurdity
To fear some dour god’s jealousy   
Of our good fortune. From the farm   
Next door, our neighbors saw no harm   
Came to the things we cared for here.   
What did we have to fear?

Maybe I should have thought: all
Such things rot, fall—
Barns, houses, furniture.
We two are stronger than we were
Apart; we’ve grown
Together. Everything we own
Can burn; we know what counts—some such   
Idea. We said as much.

We’d watched friends driven to betray;   
Felt that love drained away
Some self they need.
We’d said love, like a growth, can feed   
On hate we turn in and disguise;
We warned ourselves. That you might despise   
Me—hate all we both loved best—
None of us ever guessed.

The house still stands, locked, as it stood   
Untouched a good
Two years after you went.
Some things passed in the settlement;   
Some things slipped away. Enough’s left   
That I come back sometimes. The theft   
And vandalism were our own.
Maybe we should have known.


  1. O.W.S. is Hitler!

    Of course, Zombie of Bunnypants Media broke the original story.

  2. A Kristin Hersh live set? Bah, & humbug, how about a Throwing Muses coming to Clevelandia instead, & I assumed you missed them?

  3. Silly, last Friday I was in Zanesville freeing the animals.

  4. Did you kill that poor gamekeeper? You naughty, naught Dog. Then did you liberate any feral felines unto your own safekeeping?

    For your delectation and personal reflection:

    Is this what you would (should) be given world enough and time? Oh, and funding?

  5. Zanesville: there are no coincidences, mofo.

  6. We two are stronger than we were
    Apart; we’ve grown
    Together. Everything we own
    Can burn; we know what counts—some such
    Idea. We said as much.

    Get thee to an Occupation! (And bring a casserole of hot delicious comfort food for the Occupiers.)

  7. yeah, last week I was culling dead links from my bookmarks, and ended up on Kristin (that's two "i"'s, incidentally, no "e") Hersh's site, absentmindedly checked out the Throwing Muses tour dates, and was positively dumbfounded to discover they were going to be playing at the fucking Black Cat the very next day. Absolutely no chance I could prepare for such an event with just one day's notice. No doubt they'll be back there again real soon like.

  8. And a moment of silence for the great Divine.