Thursday, October 6, 2011

In the Middle of the Forest There's an Unexpected Clearing which Can Only Be Found by Those Who Have Gotten Lost

Some Transtromer. Nice I've access to a university library's stacks. Click, yo.

I've read his poems in journals and anthologies, but since I have issues with translations in general and in poetry in particular I'm sure I haven't given him the attention he either deserves or doesn't.


  1. I like it.

    And Tomas Gösta Tranströmer has two umlauts, too.

  2. Transformers was the worst set of movies my kids ever drug me to. It was also a terrible cartoon. I didn't know there was a book, too.

    Oh, wait... Never mind.

  3. Someone has all the Tranströmer checked out already. Goddamn bandwagon jumpers, I was gonna be the jumper.