Tuesday, October 4, 2011

It Is Necessary to Write About the Same Old Things in the Same Way, Repeating the Same Things Over and Over for Love to Continue and be Gradually Different

Peter Gabriel has an album coming out of his orchestral reworkings of his own music. Here, read this, read the track listings, listen to the three sucks provided. Kate Bush did this shit earlier this year. Also this, fuck POTUS 12, also this, motherfucking crackers, also this, motherfucking pwoggles, but also this post and my last post and my next post and your last, now, next posts too. How soon until Google implements a plan to most profitably monetize OWS using heavily leveraged financing, oops, what?.. Here, listen again, the best topical song you'll hear today:


John Ashbery

Alone with our madness and favorite flower
We see that there really is nothing left to write about.
Or rather, it is necessary to write about the same old things
In the same way, repeating the same things over and over
For love to continue and be gradually different.

Beehives and ants have to be re-examined eternally
And the color of the day put in
Hundreds of times and varied from summer to winter
For it to get slowed down to the pace of an authentic
Saraband and huddle there, alive and resting.

Only then can the chronic inattention
Of our lives drape itself around us, conciliatory
And with one eye on those long tan plush shadows
That speak so deeply into our unprepared knowledge
Of ourselves, the talking engines of our day.


  1. Great Male Narcissists it the truth. I loathe it. And the entire Great Male Narcissist infrastructure around What Is Literature in the US. And that is why I can't bear to follow the lit blogs.

  2. I would love to see an American woman win, even JCO but especially a woman American poet, say Lyn Hejinian or Rae Armantrout, so I could watch the Rothian's heads explode.

  3. The White House is pretty much full of Third Way-style apparatchiks.

    Starting with the Apparatchik-in-Chief.

  4. I hope to start Mrs Unguentine this weekend as well. Not sure, though. Started way too many at the same time, and need to review a few others I've not even yet begun. Let me know what you think, either by blog or by email.

  5. Go Google, go TSA, go travelers who say yay.

    I just want to learn more about you, baby, says the TV-movie-named John Pistole.

  6. curse you, BDR, the Gabriel is deplorable. fuck me.

    thanks, though, for the linkage.

  7. For your reading funk: do you know David Mitchell's "Cloud Atlas"? If not, give it a whirl.