Thursday, November 17, 2011

Here Are the Stones Loosed from Their Settings Here Is the Bridge Over the Water

WTOP is breathlessly reporting that OMFG! your commute home this afternoon might be nightmarish as Occupy DC and Occupy NOVA converge on Key Bridge, a bridge that occupies itself already on a nightly basis. I approve of the symbolism: it will piss off the assholes at YFWP who have declared war on Occupy. If I can't walk down to Key Bridge today at lunch, today after work, where the fuck else can I walk a quarter-mile to occupy? I'll be in a black United knit hat taking photos with a blue camera, say hi. Photos later today, maybe, tomorrow, sure.


Ann Lauterbach

The days are beautiful
The days are beautiful.

I know what days are.
The other is weather.

I know what weather is.
The days are beautiful.

Things are incidental.
Someone is weeping.

I weep for the incidental.
The days are beautiful.

Where is tomorrow?
Everyone will weep.

Tomorrow was yesterday.
The days are beautiful.

Tomorrow was yesterday.
Today is weather.

The sound of the weather
Is everyone weeping.

Everyone is incidental.
Everyone weeps.

The tears of today
Will put out tomorrow.

The rain is ashes.
The days are beautiful.

The rain falls down.
The sound is falling.

The sky is a cloud.
The days are beautiful.

The sky is dust.
The weather is yesterday.

The weather is yesterday.
The sound is weeping.

What is this dust?
The weather is nothing.

The days are beautiful.
The towers are yesterday.

The towers are incidental.
What are these ashes?

Here is the hate
That does not travel.

Here is the robe
That smells of the night

Here are the words
Retired to their books

Here are the stones
Loosed from their settings

Here is the bridge
Over the water

Here is the place
Where the sun came up

Here is a season
Dry in the fireplace.

Here are the ashes.
The days are beautiful.


  1. Too bad Wapo and Occupy won't just shake hands. That's how Sepp cured footie racism.

    Good on you, Ukraine, now England's chances can go to the dogs without any.

  2. Excellent, you're just running late. I was worried you had run out of #Occupy conspiracy theories. Thank Shatner my worldview can remain unshaken.

    Speaking of which, find the Shatner vids on deep-frying turkeys. Awesome Shattage.

  3. Not only is DHS in on it, so are Randal and Landru.

    I read it on the internet.

    On a slightly more serious note, could it really be a surprise that "the Department of Homeland Security" would be used to suppress dissent?

    Or that "the USA PATRIOT Act" is used suppress whistle-blowers and to prevent U.S. citizens from learning what is common knowledge to people overseas?

    #Wrapped in the Flag and Carrying the Cross

  4. I think you need to speak to Sasha about that there hashtag, Thunder.